I am Envyderm’s Brand Ambassador!

If you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page then you will have already seen me announce that I am now….Envyderm’s Brand Ambassador! Envyderm are one of the very first brands to support and work with She Might Be Loved which has made it ever so exciting that now we can work together even more. Based in America, the founder of Envyderm, Nadia, started by creating the perfect blend of ingredients, including Moroccan Argan Oil to obtain amazing results in eyelash care. Envyderm are still quite a new brand after only emerging into the cosmetics world in 2010, and therefore have a small but perfected collection of products that I thought I would do a quick overview of as well as mini reviews.

Envyderm Cosmetics, lip plumper, brand ambassador

I have already talked about Envyderm’s Mascara and Eyeliner before and used them in previous makeup looks and Disney creations. I find their Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Volume Mascara to really enhance my eyelashes and give them a lot of volume and length, at $29, it’s probably one of the most impressive mascaras I have ever used. A product I have been absolutely waiting to get my hands on again is their Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Black Liquid Eyeliner, again at $29, mine recently ran out and I actually didn’t know what to do and refused to buy anything else. It’s a very long, thin brush that means you can get a very precise line. It’s also jet black making it the perfect eyeliner for a sharp dramatic look. Finally, a product that I am only just starting to try out if their Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Nighttime Serum. I love my eyelash serums and already have noticed a massive difference on my bottom lashes, they actually look longer than most of my top lashes now.

Envyderm Cosmetics, lip plumper, brand ambassador

Envyderm also have a Intense Lip Renewal Therapy, $36, which plumps the lips and fills in any lines. It has a matte finish meaning you can wear it with ease around the house or underneath other products. For example you could wear Envyderm’s Lip Plumbing Lip Glosses, $23, on top which dramatically enhance the lips to appear fuller and younger looking. It comes in ten different colours, including a clear one meaning you can pop it on top of your favourite lipstick to get that perfect pout. It has an impressive list of ingredients that work together to make your lips feel very tingly whilst it’s working, so that you can feel your lips actively growing. It’s the perfect product for everyone, even makeup artists who may come across smaller lips! I’ve already used it on quite a few people and they’ve all loved the results, and the tingly sensation that comes with it! Envyderm can really transform any look and hundreds can be achieved just using their amazing products. I’m so pleased that I get to work with them more, and I would love to hear your thoughts, have you ever tried Envyderm before? Are you going to?