How To Store Lush’s Naked Products

With Lush being an environmentally-friendly company, they have lots of ‘naked’ products which means no packaging is necessary, if you really wanted you could take them away in your hand or pop them in your pocket. Lush have amazing values and this is definitely one that stands out as normally people are used to boxes and plastic covering up all their products. As good as naked products are, there is a down side to being naked, it means that they can be difficult to store when wet. There are tins that you can buy, but unless you put the product in dry the results can be interesting. My mum has got into the habit of taking things from the ‘Lush cupboard’, up to her en-suite and treating them badly, sometimes completely damaging products.

A solution to this I’ve found is using hair bobbles underneath naked products to dry them out and then pop back into my cupboard whilst wet. Using bobbles means that very little of the product is wasted, compared to having to rip it off of the bath side and half of it being stuck there. This also means that if I want my hair up I have to go on a massive hunt to find a free bobble, but it saves me money in the long run.
This is the comparison between the bobble method, and putting it in a tin wet. Completely liquidised.
Lush naked
Has anyone found anything else to use? Or are you like my mum? Hopefully this will save you no end of uses!
(For anyone wondering, this is the NEW Shampoo bar, full of cinnamon that stimulates your hair follicles to grow faster, a girl’s best friend.)