How to Shape Your Brows for a Natural Look

Want to learn how to turn your natural, unruly, caterpillar-like brows into effortless and defined eyebrows? Or the right way to groom them? All this and more as I borrowed my Mother’s face to make this simple tutorial on how to get natural looking, yet defined, eyebrows.
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As you can see above that’s the full process, but let’s take that apart to make it even more simple.

You’ll need:
Facial Razor (Optional, you could use tweezers)
Brow products of your choice

Firstly, we have the natural, grown out (or if this is your first time, never groomed) brow. With my Mum’s there is a shape that you can easily see, it’s just very grown out and untidy. My first step is to take some sort of thick cream or even shaving cream and place it above the eyebrow (some people won’t need to do this). Then take a facial razor (I got mine from Amazon, really cheap!), and simply take away any hairs that shouldn’t be, or that you don’t want there. I run the razor down just a little before I want the eyebrow to start, you can always take more away if needed, but I’d rather that then lose half a brow.

How to razor a brow
This alone makes a massive different as it helps to really define an eyebrow. Afterwards take a spoolie (I got mine from Superdrug), and brush your eyebrows upwards. A lot of men do this with their brows as it’s the quickest and most effective way to shape and groom them without it being ‘too much’. After you’ve brushed all the hairs up, you’ll see some that are a lot longer. Maybe all of yours will be, or just a few, simple cut them in line of the top of your eyebrows. This means that they’ll sit nicely in place without going all over and ruining your eyebrow shape. Even though I don’t have much of a brow, I still use this techniques as it means mine are really neat and appear thicker. It also means when adding any products like brow mascara, they go on like a dream.
how to shape a brow
After the main eyebrow is groomed accordingly, finish off with Tweezers by plucking out any stray hairs to keep the arch defined.  Some people may like a softer look, whereas I’ve gone for a pretty defined lines.
how to fill in a brow

Then you’ll have your finished brow! At this point you may choose to run a brow mascara through the brow to give it extra definition, or for a softer look (my mum’s 50, gradient brows aren’t her thing), add a eye shadow through the brow, a little lighter than what you would think. Here I’m using MUA’s Matte Palette from Superdrug which is £4! This makes her eyebrows stand out without being too much.

There’s nothing too complicated to grooming brows, you just have to be confident enough to take a razor and scissors to them, knowing that if you follow steps and always take less than you think, you can’t go too wrong! (Please note: If you do manage to slip and take your entire brow off, then I can’t take responsibility. However, I do have another tutorial coming up for those with non-existent eyebrows.) Good luck, let me know how it goes!