How to Maintain Red Hair

How do I express how much of a pain red hair? If you’ve been red before you’ll already know everything I’m about to say, but if you haven’t, you’re very fortunate. Now, I love red hair, I intend on keeping it until I’ve completely lost my patience all together. But with red hair comes great responsibility. You could have bright hair one morning, get in the shower and after turning the entire bathroom pink, you’ll come out bright ginger. You have to be extremely careful and think about every product thoroughly before using it. You can’t let your guard down at any moment. Your hair is wet, do you really put that white bra on right now? Did you just lean against your wall with damp hair? No time to dry your hair properly? PINK BODY FOR YOU THEN. It’s a burden, a chore, so why do we do it? Because red hair is ridiculously hot. It makes me feel more confident, it makes me stand out, and it makes me feel more myself.
How to Maintain Red Hair


I am currently working my way through the world of maintaining red hair, and what better way to record my results than to post about it. I currently use Crazy Colour Vermillion red as my regular dyes, I find that permanent reds wash out even faster and don’t look as bright. Crazy Colours are vegetable, semi-permanent dyes that are mixed with conditioner which means you get a ready pigmented colour. It’s ready to go and there’s no need to mix things together or worry over the solution. I recommended covering up anything you have ever loved, or are terrified of ruining when dyeing your hair with these, as they are notorious for staining. I find that the longer I leave them on, the better they stain my hair. I’ve often mixed them with conditioner or hair treatments, however I’ve found that by doing this they’re more likely to run down you when you start sweating or get caught in the rain (I’m an expert now and have battled with bright red foreheads for months).
In the picture above I used  Quif – Blast Creative Colour  in Cherry Lips*, my hair was looking far duller than it does on the photo. It had patches of ginger and really long noticeable roots. You’re supposed to put Blast Creative Colour on dry, pre lightened hair, and leave it on for the normal developing time depending on the colour you wanted. Although of the bottle it says to put it on wet hair and use as a toner. I left mine on for around 45 minutes, 30 minutes is recommended, and it just made everything look new again. The picture on the right was taken after work so excuse the flat parts, but as you can see it’s a lot more vibrant. It also felt slightly healthier, which I’ve always found when putting chemicals on my hair, how odd? At £9.99 for 100ml it meant that with my long, thick hair I could only get one good use. But this was enough to last another 7+ washes before it even though about fading out. I do wash my hair everyday though, which obviously doesn’t help maintaining any colour. It’s basically a more expensive version of Crazy Colours, so I wouldn’t run out and buy it again. The same applies for Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Deep Red Toner, at £11.99 it has the exact same effect as a Crazy Colour so I haven’t bothered it again. However, The Colour Restore Toner, after being on dry hair for around 40 minutes, made my hair the most beautiful dark red colour. I took a picture after 2 washes and it still looked as bright and pigmented, which if you’re careful, you can get the same results with Crazy Colours.
Colour restore deep red
quif hair blast
Recently I’ve learned to wash it my hair less and less which is definitely helping the colour. To maintain the bounce and shine I’m using Lush’s No Drought Dry Shampoo and Joico Colour Therapy Hair Oil. Alongside Joico Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner these have been perfect to keep my hair soft and red. Other things I’ve tried have included the Superdrug’s Wash in and Wash out colour, which is great if you’re brunette with a tint of red. Equally as disappointing is the Red Colour Conditioner that doesn’t really do anything.
how to maintain red hair
Have you been red before? If you’ve found any more products which are great for reds, I would love to hear them!

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  1. 13th November 2014 / 10:26 pm

    I’ve had red hair for about 10 years now and it’s such a painnn. Although I do dye it a lot less now. I tend to use La Riche Directions dyes in between permanent dyes as they condition your hair too. The longer you can leave it on the better, and the better the condition the more the colour will lock in! The washing less tip is definitely a winner too!