How To Create Gradient Brows

How To Create Gradient Brows
Following on from a tutorial on my old eyebrow routine on my mum’s brows (How to: natural brows), it’s now time for my updated routine, also known as, gradient brows. Which is a nice mix between keeping it natural and looking like a Disney Villain. As you can see my ‘natural’ brow is barely visible, due to me taking most of it off for my Halloween Series. However, as of late I am attempting to grow the front of it out more so it appears thicker. In an ideal world, they don’t take too long to do, but it is just getting used to drawing on a shape that doesn’t look ridiculous. So I would definitely recommend mapping out your eye and grooming them properly (see my last tutorial) to be sure you don’t go into animated character territory.
How To Create Gradient Brows
Firstly, there is my freshly groomed eyebrow that I have brushed in the direction I want the tiny hairs to stay in.
The second photo shows that I have applied a very light brown colour all over the brow, here I’m using Fudge from my MUA Matte Palette and created a straight line at the front. Some people may want to create a slightly rounded shape, that’s completely up to you.
Next I use Dipdown from MAC (my pot was a little old at the time, hence the slightly dry line) and start to outline where I want my brows to sit.
Dipdown (£15) is a gel liner, if you feel that this would be too dark or too expensive, take a pot of water and an eye-shadow colour that would suit your eyebrows and apply the colour on the skin with a wet brush. Beware that adding water will make the colour look darker than it is and will in no way help it to last longer.
How To Create Gradient Brows
Next I fill in the line with Dipdown and make it slighter thicker if need be or change the shape around until something flows nicely.
After I blend the darker colour with the lighter one using a spoolie (small eyebrow brush) so it appears more gradient and blended.
I then use my Collection 2000 concealer (you can use any concealer, but as most of you will agree, this one is the best) to neaten up the line and smooth the edges.
Finally, if I want my natural hairs to appear thicker or longer, I will apply a brow mascara. Lately I’ve been using a brown mascara from MUA which works perfectly but you could use a clear mascara as well.
If you’re on my Instagram you’ll see that my eyebrows appear slightly different on every post as I’m always trying out new shapes to see what suits me best. Just remember, eyebrows are sisters and not twins! (Sometimes they’re distant relatives but that’s why a side fringe comes in handy.) I’ve found this is the only way that I’ll draw my eyebrows on now as I really love the way it looks.
Let me know what tutorial you’d like to see next in the comments.