How To Get Big Curly Hair

I posted a photo on Instagram last night of my hair after a 6 hour shift, and moping around for a total of 10 hours, yes my hair stayed in for 10 hours. I was so impressed that I decided I will start my YouTube back up and show you all how to do it!
I’ve previously used my YouTube channel when I had a very popular blog on Tumblr so I have had to change my name (I didn’t think being called ‘cuntadoodledo’ was a good look for a beauty blog). So this is my first serious beauty vlog. Do let me know if this is something I should continue you, or if I should stick to writing, be brutally honest as it does take up a lot more time, which I didn’t mind but I do like feedback.
big curly hair
Previous way of curling:
Big Curly Hair
Here’s the new hair:
YOUTUBE VIDEO (Due to changing channels I can’t embed the video, sorry!)
Let me know what you think either on youtube or here!