How To Apply Foundation

This is a tutorial which includes mini reviews!

I was asked to show how I get ‘flawless’ foundation, I wouldn’t call it that but normally my foundation does stay in place all day. So I made a video showing step by step what I used and how I do it.

Products used:

Vanishing Cream (Lush)

Photofinish face/under eye/lid primer (Smashbox)

Skin base 3.5 (Illamasqua)

Concealer (Collection 2000)

Pressed powder (Collection 2000)



Mini written reviews:

Smashbox products were used I bought the little primer kit for £14 and I love it! I would definitely buy the face and lid primer, but the under eye primer didn’t do anything spectacular to warrant me buying it again.

Real Techniques buffing brush is used to put my foundation on at the beginning, it’s lovely and I’ve been using it constantly. It’s such good quality and I got both the face and eye starter kits for £30 so I was really impressed! I’ll definitely be going back and getting the rest of the collection. The only down side to the eye set was the eyebrow brush, definitely not what I wanted as it’s far too thick meaning a thin, neat line is impossible.

Illamasqua’s skinbase came to me after having a makeover (I won’t ruin the post as it’s coming soon) and I ended up swapping Rich Base for this one, I don’t particularly love it as it’s really overpriced and doesn’t do anything that blows my mind. I won’t be purchasing it but seen as I’ve ran out of MAC I guess it’s here to stay, just until next payday anyway.