Hot or Not in the Beauty World, FT Beau Belle Brushes

This post is called ‘hot or not’ but really it should be, ‘hot, mehs, and nots’ in the beauty world because not all of these are terrible, some just aren’t very good. If you’ve seen my face you’ll know that I love makeup, and I know how to apply it which is why I love reviewing makeup. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first with this jumbo Lola Duo Kajal & Eyeliner at £21. I’m not very good at sugarcoating so I’ll just say it, it’s unnecessary. If I wanted to apply my eyeliner with a severe lack of precision I’d dip my finger into a pot of black eyeliner and just smear it on. It’s incredibly difficult to get a decent look with this pen, and the average person would seriously struggle. They’re both good formulas, both jet black, but the packaging just puts me off completely. Especially for £21! I’ve only used this a few times to make my mind up about it, it’s not a product that I’d trust to finish my look off and it’s definitely not a product that I’m going to continue using. It’s a shame as I really like the brand and I definitely want to play with more.

Lola Duo Kajal & Eyeliner Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection
I’ve had really mixed views on the Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection. It looks amazing, the packaging is great, the product selection is really good, but the performance of some of these is just disappointing. The Vermilion Red lipstick (£16) is so bold and beautiful, a really creamy formula and it’s such a statement lip. I love using the Bronzed Brilliance powder (£20) on my mum, it’s such a beautiful, glitzy bronzer and it comes with a handy little pouch, in a great, high quality container and works really well! The Glamour Tease texture spray (£8) really surprised me as it gives instant texture, it’s a very hard drying, perfumed spray that works by hardening the hair and allowing it to stay in place.

The products that didn’t really impress me were the Pitch Black Full Volume mascara, at £18 I’d expect something different to a stand cheap wand brush, the formula isn’t special either. The Dawn to Dusk eyeshadow palette (£24) had terrible colour pay off and the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner (£15) wasn’t pigmented enough to go over eyeshadows and it doesn’t work on an angle!

Another product that I don’t rate at all is the ‘No Bleeding Lips’ lip pencil at $15. I knew it wasn’t going to work, bleeding lips can only be controlled if you prep the area, prime it, and use the right product for your skin. This pencil feels a lot like a blurring primer, but if you were to apply lipstick over it to fill in the edges of your lips, its of course going to spill and move depending on what product you use. And if you’re using a product that won’t move you probably don’t need the pencil. Very gimmicky unfortunately.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company sent me a lovely bundle of their products but unfortunately the lashes are TINY. They’re really short in length and small in width which means I’ve been using them on my mum instead and she loved them. They look so cute and fluttery, I just wish they were average sized! The Tweezers aren’t very good at all but apart from I really can’t complain. I use the scissors and eyelash curlers constantly. The products here range from £6 to £7.50 and it’s definitely a brand I’m going to buy from in the future!

The Vintage Cosmetics Company
I didn’t even realise how much I need a Blenderelle until I saw them in my emails, what a fantastic way to keep your beauty blenders, safe, clean, and not to mention a great way to travel with them! Too many times I’ve covered my makeup bag in foundation from travelling with beauty blenders, but no more! I often have to wash my beauty blenders just from dust of laying around, even if I haven’t used them. In the UK they’re only available on Amazon (on Prime too!) for a steal at £12. I think I’ll pick up a couple more.

Lipstick time and up first is the dreamy new formula from Lord & Berry. TIMELESS kissproof lipsticks are really lovely, and incredibly vibrant. The colours I’ve got are Blosson (a brownish nude), Pop Pink (a popping purply pink), and Bold Red (a very bright red on the orange side). None of the colours are what I would have personally chosen, but I have been wearing them anyway and I just love how moisturising and creamy they are. The pigment is unreal, and just at £15 each! It’s really lightweight, it doesn’t dry hard like some others, there’s no need for extra layers, it comes with a great applicator, and overall I’m just incredibly impressed. I hope they extend this range with more colours!

Antipodes new lipsticks are impressive too, with their super creamy ‘moisture boost’ formula, I was expecting them to be too sheer for me but that isn’t the case at all. They’re actually quite matte, wonderfully pigmented, and really easy to wear. The colours I have here are Remarkably Red (a dark pink nude), Ruby Bay Rouge (a dark deep red), Oriental Bay Plum (a reddish purple). I’m so happy with these and I think Remarkably Red might actually be my new daytime lip colour! It reminds me a lot of MAC Amorous. £21 a lipstick is a little steep but obviously with it being Antipodes these are full of great, natural, and moisturising ingredients, plus they’re vegetarian friendly!


Iconic Makeup
Iconic Makeup is a brand that I’ve seen all over Instagram as they pretty much work with every beauty blogger alive, which made me wonder if they products are actually good, or if some dollars have just been flying around. And I’m very happy to say that I was wrong, Iconic is actually a fantastic brand with great, high quality, and extremely pigmented products. I can completely see why everyone is going mad for them. I’m not one for a cream highlighter, they don’t work on my skin, but this Iconic Strobing Stick is unreal. I first saw it being used on Kim Kardashian and it really did look flawless and in real life, it’s even better. At £24.99 it’s definitely worth buying (if you get on with cream highlighters). I’ve also got the Cream Contour Palette at £32.99 and although the colours aren’t perfect for me, the pigment is SO good! I was expecting it to be a light coverage, but it’s very heavy, easily blended, easy to sheer down or build up, and overall just a great palette. I’m dying to try more from this brand in colours that would work for me, but whoever grabs this out of my ‘friends & family box’ is going to be one happily contoured lady!

Now it’s time for the final 3 brands and a battle of the brush sets! Up first is my least favourite, So Eco. There looks like there’s some great brushes in this range, but these aren’t any of them unfortunately. They’re very basic and standard brushes, incredibly soft, but other than using the eye brushes to pat on glitters and the comb to brush my brows, I really haven’t reached for them. I prefer more domed shapes, or smaller brushes, something I can create looks with. They’re cruelty free and very reasonably priced so if you pick out brush shapes you actually use, I have no doubts that you’ll enjoy them.

So Eco brushes
In second place, Beau Belle BrushesI absolutely adore the designs of these brushes, they’re so lovely to hold with their thinner ends and they have been some of my favourite brushes. This is the Rose Gold Collection at £34.95 but I don’t really like that price at all. Simply because of the 5 brushes, there’s only 2 that stand out. A standard flat edge foundation brush, a huge stippling brush (who even likes stippling brushes!?) and a big fluffy powder brush don’t really scream ‘spend £40 on me’. Maybe that’s just me though? The Setting Brush is the one that I am truly obsessed with and I have no doubts that I’ll eventually own 5, it’s always my way when I really love a brush. I’ve been using it with cream contours (House of Glamdolls is the best) and it just goes on flawlessly. I am a contoured goddess! It’s such a wonderful shape and size for really creating depth, it holds product well, and it’s genuinely one of the best brushes I own. The Eyeshadow Brush is of a similar shape but smaller and it’s great to buff out the edges of eyeshadow, buff your undereye concealer, or any creases, another brush that is just genuinely great!

beau belle brusheslab2beauty brushes

In first places comes Lab2Beauty Brushes (available at Superdrug & Amazon) as they are definitely all around brushes. They’re all great shapes, sizes, designs, at a great price range, and the quality never lets you down. Here I’ve got the Brow & Eye liner BrushJust Blending In BrushBeyond a Shadow of a Doubt Brush, and the Make Me Blush Brush and they’re all being continuously used. I really have nothing negative to say about them (shocking, I know!), they’re just really great brushes and I 100% recommend them.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I only put the Urban Decay palette in the background to jazz up the image. I seriously don’t recommend it, it’s a total waste of money, with very little colour pay off and it’s generally been one of my most disappointing purchases (more on them in another post!)

So what do you think to my beauty round up? I’m going to be doing a post on ALL the makeup I’ve bought myself lately and I’m so excited for it!

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