Holiday Prepping Products FT Fenjal & Kiy-oshi GIVEAWAY!

Every since booking a spontaneous family holiday, my life has revolved around the holiday and looking/feeling the best on it. Which also includes holiday preparation! Mostly this year it’s been all about trying to make my legs look and feel as smooth as possible because I’m mostly going to be in swimwear. We have a pool and the beach is at the bottom of the road we’re staying on so life is going to be super hard. Being part mermaid means the water calls to me and so I’ve been using Fenjal Unique Cleansing and Moisturising Shower Oil 200ml at £5.49, as bath oil!

I know, messy, but glorious. It means that my skin has a layer of moisture and that should last up to 8 hours. I have terribly fast hair growth and I don’t like being hairy so it’s taken all of my strength to stop shaving and wait to Nair. Nair has a new Argan Oil range which leaves your skin feeling even softer than before. With my bad back, it means I can’t quite stretch as much as I used to to be as thorough, so being able to throw a cream on and having it do all the work is really appealing to me. This is said to last for up to 7 days, but we shall see! I obviously haven’t had time to try this out and then grow my hair back in time to do it again so I will update this with the results! I’m excited that they have a bikini version with argan oil too. There’s nothing worse than shaving rashes and irritation around that area, and I don’t imagine it’d look pretty on holiday in a bikini! The Nair Shower Power Cream with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Cocoa Butter 200ml is currently on offer for £4.73, down from £7.09 and you can buy it from Boots here. The Nair Ultra Precision Bikini Brush-On Hair Removal Cream 60ml is also on offer at £4.19, down from £6.29 and you can also buy it from Boots here.

Holiday Prepping Products FT Fenjal & Kiy-oshi


The other way I’ve been prepping for the holiday is by using the Eyelash Enhancer Serum and Eyebrow Enhancer Serum from Kiy-oshi. Both priced at a very reasonable £25 and cruelty free. I can’t say it’s the best enhancer I’ve used but this is one of the most affordable ones with results that you’d expect for the price.  Plus, this one doesn’t sting my eyes if I accidentally apply too much and the formula goes into my eye. I’ve noticed with more expensive brands that this can be quite painful, but it’s not an issue here thankfully.

With ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucurbita Pepo Pumpkin Seed Extract and Ginseng Extract they work together to activate the hair follicles. They add protein to the existing hairs to ensure they’re strong and conditioned and of course, they promote hair growth. I love using eyelash and eyebrow serums as often it’s an area that we just leave and forget about but when you do start using products like this, you can notice a huge different in the condition and length. The eyebrow serum also contains Cellulose Microcrystalline which darkens the eyebrows and therefore makes them look fuller and thicker. I’ve not heard of this before in a serum and I think it’s a great idea! Don’t worry, you don’t come out with brows looking dark, thick and black, that’s not what everyone wants.

You can win a set for yourself below!

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  • Amai Mint

    The lash serum sounds really interesting I would love to give it a try

  • Sheila Reeves

    Would love to win as my eyelashes need some tlc, they don’t have much length or fullness

  • Natalie Crossan

    It sounds like a lovely product