Ho Ho Hollybush Bath Mallow – Bomb Cosmetics Review

Whilst in York I noticed that the little trinket shop, Saffrons of York, sold bomb cosmetics as well as other beautifully looking things. Obviously working at Lush, I’ve heard a lot about them and was dying to get my hands on something to try out and judge for myself.

I decided to buy a bath mallow, although I thought it was a bath bomb at the time. These ones are meant to slowly fizz and be more moisturising.
Ho Ho Hollybush Bath Mallow - Bomb Cosmetics
Apparently this one has an orange and cinnamon scent but I definitely couldn’t smell that, more of a creamy softer smell. It took around 10-15 minutes to fully dissolve, turning the water a milky white. I was waiting for the softness to kick in and cover me, but nothing happened. My skin didn’t feel any smoother and silkier like with a normal bath melt and there wasn’t really much of a scent.
The holly decoration didn’t dissolve, instead it was plastic and was quite annoying as it felt quite sharp.
Overall I was actually really disappointed as I had recently heard so many good things about them. Maybe I choose the wrong product to try first? It was only £2.24 and for that price I would definitely try more. I just wouldn’t repurchase this less than exciting one again.