Hit & Miss in the Beauty World

Hit and miss roundup posts are definitely going to become a regular thing on She Might Be Loved, I just need to think of a better/funner name for them! *Open to suggestions.*
Sometimes products are just bad, sometimes products are just not good for me and how I use things, but these types of posts are the easiest ways to tell you about the products I love, and not have to worry about a word count on things I hate. They’ll also be a ‘MEH’ ground for products that technically do work, but I wouldn’t necessarily tell you to go out and buy one right now.

saturated colour

Saturated Colour

HIT  – Multitasker Pencil at £3.50 – A range of 20 pigmented shades that can be used anywhere. They’re super soft, wear well, 100% cruelty free and super affordable.

MEH – Colour Switch Lipstick Colour Changer at £3.10 – It’s essentially a white lipstick that lightens your other colours if you mix them together, it doesn’t really excite me but it does work.

MISS – Lip Vinyl, Liquid Lipstick at £7.00 – It’s meant to be a lip stain without stickiness but it’s very sticky and the colour ‘lady in red’ is quite an orange/brown tone of red. I hate sticky lip products SO much.

MEH – Make Me Shimmer Highlighter at £6.00 – I actually really hated this until I used it on naked skin. It will not go on top of foundation without messing it up and it’s another sticky formula. It’s very subtle though.

HIT – LIPSStick at £7 – ‘Lady in Red’ is too brown toned and ‘Seductive Demon’ isn’t dark or pigmented enough but they’re very moisturising, decent lipsticks.

HUGE HITBeauty Blender £16 – The original beauty blender is actually the king of them all. I didn’t think it would be, I thought I could find better cheaper but no. From everything to the shape, the feel, the size, and the type of sponge, this is hands down worth the money and now I must have more.

beauty blendergeorgina-photos-39


Completely cruelty free, LA family run brand 4u2 Cosmetics are heading to the UK late this year! I’ve been playing with their Lipaholic lipsticks and I’m really pleased. The shade range is awesome, the formulas are really pigmented and seriously creamy. There’s no details on prices yet but by the feel of the packaging they’re definitely going to be a budget-friendly brand. My favourite colours are 11 (ICYMI), 10 (Violaceous), and 09 (Red Velvet) for obvious reasons.

MEH – Beautiful Brows Contour Kit £40 – This was a hit until I saw the price, ouch! It’s a decent contour kit but it’s not a £40 contour kit. The shades are all pretty warm for super pale skin like mine but they’re all really creamy, blendable and nice to use.

MISSBeautiful Brows Kit £30 – All together it looks like a great kit but broken down it just doesn’t work for me. The highlighter has too much of a pink powdery finish rather than a pretty highlight, the tweezer brush combination would be fab if the tweezers were half decent and overall it’s just not something I would use but the product itself, when used with a stencil, is decent. It works. Is it the best brow kit I’ve ever had? No.

BeautifulBrows BeautifulBrows contour kit

MISSBlank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette One £31.13 – I was really shocked when I saw the price of this palette as it is beyond basic. What looks like a staple nude, mostly matte palette is actually very poorly pigmented and overly powdery shadows. I love the packaging, colour scheme but price wise you’d be incredibly disappointed if you bought it.

HITNouveau Lashes £4.95 – I’m really enjoying Nouveau Lashes right now, the quality and style range is really impressive. I’m really picky on lashes that I wear out and about so I’ve only found 1 style that really suit me so far. All the packets come with little bottle of glue making them super handy to use as there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find lash glue!

HITLook Good Feel Better Sponge – I love the charity and I love the makeup brushes and tools they have too! They’re all super affordable, decent quality and do as they say. I’ve been using the brush cleaner and blending sponge, it’s a little harder than my usual ones but it works well!

look good feel better blank canvas master series palette onenouveau lashes nouveau lashes
HIT – Browcote Waterproof Brow Sealer £6.99 – This was the product my life was missing and I’m SO happy to know it exists. Simply brush it through your brows to keep them looking great, or if you have slightly more drawn on brows like mine, I squeeze the product onto my fingers and swipe it across to seal everything in place. I loved the Lipcote Lip Sealer and I use it everytime I wear lipstick, and this just as amazing. Love love love!

MEH – Katie Price Beauty Range – It’s cheap and cheerful. Everything has been created and made 100s of times over, sometimes much cheaper too! I have a highlighter very similar from Makeup Academy for half the price.

browcote katie price beauty


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  • Claire Cavanagh

    I love posts like this, so handy to know which products to avoid too! I really need to try Nouveau lashes, as I’ve heard so many people talking about them lately 🙂

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  • I always love your hit & miss posts.

    Couldn’t agree more about the Beauty Blender! I put off buying a proper one for ages as was convinced it was ‘just a sponge’ but yes, it’s a game changer. And the BB cleanser is such a good brush cleaner too!

  • Laura Hadley

    Love hit and miss posts! I still need to try Nouveau Lashes, they look so fluttery!

    Laura x | laurahadley.co.uk