High End Beauty Haul

Recently my mum allowed me to go a little crazy with the Debenhams sale and buy MAC and Illamasqua! It took me forever to decide on the colours I wanted but I was adamant on starting up my MAC eye shadow collection that I dream of. I also really wanted to try a MAC blusher as I always hear good things about them, but I’ve never tried one myself. I have a new found love of Illamasqua pencils as well, they’re incredible and can completely transform a look. Overall I think I had a fantastic shop.
Illasmasqua, Mac, makeup
Illamasqua skinbase (£27) is something I acquired whilst having a disastrous makeover done, unsure whether or not I liked it, I used it up in double the time and started to actually miss it. I’ve been told I’m a 3.5 but recently I really disagree, this medium/heavy coverage foundation glides on and gives a beautiful finish.


MAC studio fix (£21.50) has been the foundation that I’ve depended on for years, it leaves my skin looking absolutely flawless and the colour range is fantastic. I did have NC15 but recently I’ve changed to NW10 and it’s perfect, a lot paler to say it should be ‘warmer’.
A MAC blush in Sunbasque (£18) was a tough decision to make, after looking at tens of swatches from beauty bloggers I finally decided that this bronzy colour would be perfect. I’m really happy with it as normally I wear quite purple shades of blush so this is a welcomed change.
MAC Fluidline in Dipdown (£15) is absolutely amazing, most people use it to create a natural gradient looking brow but I find that it doesn’t suit me at all. Instead this allows me to block fill my brows in a matter of seconds for a sleek, professional finish that lasts all day. It’s a little pricier than what I usually use but now I would definitely buy it as needed without a second thought.
Skinbase 3.5, Studio Fix NW10, Sunbasque, Dipdown.
Skinbase 3.5, Studio Fix NW10, Sunbasque, Dipdown.
Mac Diva is a lipstick that I’ve become absolutely obsessed with as it’s the same shade as mixing two of my favourite Lush Lipsticks together, Decisive and Confident. Therefore, I thought it was time to branch out and try more MAC lipsticks.
MAC Rebel (£15) was my first choice after consulting the #bbloggers chat and swatches. However, I didn’t realise it wasn’t matte, which means I don’t often wear it.
MAC’s Ruby Woo (£15) on the other hand is probably a little too matte, as it can be quite drying if something isn’t added, but it does indeed stay in place.
A MAC pencil, Redd (£12) was my next choice as I have a darker Illamasqua pencil perfect for ombre looks but not a lighter one. This is a very true red and matte so it’s absolutely perfect.
Illamasqua’s Elate (£13) was obviously bought again, mentioned in my Illamasqua Sales Pick post I’m obsessed with it.
Finally, my first MAC matte eyeshadow, Gesso (£12.50), a beautiful white. Ideal for most looks and just like Elate, highlighting.
Rebel, Ruby Woo, Redd, Elate and Gesso.
Rebel, Ruby Woo, Redd, Elate and Gesso.
These products have become my absolute staples for every day and more dramatic looks. Have you tried any of them before?