Halloween with Superdrug

Halloween is my favourite time of year, but for the first year since starting my blog, I’m not creating any new looks this year. My chronic pain is simply too bad at the minute, I’m having constant flare ups and I’m just really tired. Instead I’ve been sharing looks from past years (click here to see them) and most of them have included a couple of the brands below. This superdrug parcel was meant to come in late September, when I was still hoping to create new looks, so instead I’m going to talk you through some of my Halloween tips for creating looks on a budget.

Superdrug is definitely the best place to pick up your Halloween Makeup this year and that’s mainly because of how many Tam Beauty Brands they stock, like Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup. When I’m creating looks, I like to experiment and get messy, that means I absolutely destroy palettes, and you don’t want to be digging into your £40 Urban Decay palettes, so Makeup Revolution at under a tenner is prefered. Not only preferred, but after a bit of practice, you can make some seriously high end looking creations.

Halloween with Superdrug

superdrug halloween

B. Makeup Sculpt & Highlight, MUA Liquid Lipstick, Makeup Revolution Lipstick, Two B. Liquid lipsticks in brown shades

Makeup Revolution have even brought out special effect palettes, fake blood, and many more things to help create your Halloween looks on a budget. They’re quite good quality too. I’ll be using this on Halloween Night when I get my family ready for our party. The most important part of makeup is to remember that you can use anything for everything. Eyeliner as lipliner? Great! Eyeshadow as contour? Go for it! Lipstick as eyeshadow? Woo! Use whatever, as whatever you want. Experiment. I wouldn’t necessarily use brown lipstick, but I could work it as eyeshadow or contour easily.

With Makeup Revolution Palettes, I usually turn the mirror into a mixing pad and scrape colours onto it to mix with moisturisers, sealing gels, foundations, or face oils to make them spread more and blend better.

Halloween with Superdrug
Speaking of contour, I also received the Light Sculpt & Highlight stick from B. Makeup and it’s actually pretty good. The highlight is a little yellow for me personally, but the contour is great. Definitely worth a try! Sculpting in Halloween looks is essential to pretty much anything you try to create, you have to be able to lighten and shade areas, add depth and shape. You can do this with ANYTHING. Liquids, creams, powders, lipsticks, just try things out and see what you work best with.

Halloween with Superdrug
One of my pet peeves with Halloween looks is when people don’t finish them off, which is why I think it’s fantastic that Superdrug included some Colour Freedom Styling products. With these I could easily style my hair to suit any Halloween look. I already want to throw some pigment (scraped eyeshadow from a Makeup Rev palette) into the paste and pile that on for an animated look, like my Ursula, except that was a mix of foundation and white eyeshadow. You could whack some glitter into the beach spray and pure shine bottles too if you wanted a mystical, magical sort of look.

Want more options? Check out the Sleek stall for a huge selection of incredible pigments and bright colours! I love Sleek for many reasons, but most of all it’s for the quality and palettes. How amazing is this selection? So bright and colourful, there’s plenty of looks that spring to mind with these products!


Have you got any Halloween tips?

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