Halloween: Vampire

This is probably one of my first Halloween looks I created and the last one I’m posting, it doesn’t make sense I know but I have been waiting as this is part of a collaboration with Betzy of Betzy’s Makeup, who is going to show you how to combine this look with an outfit! Since my first look I’ve done several others as my friend from work, Jamie wanted to go as a vampire for Halloween so we tried some things out and then I tried to perfect the look further.
So my first vampire was extremely over the top eyes. Swooped round and back up to give an evil looking eye teamed with autumnal  lips.
halloween vampire
Products used:
Illamasqua’s skin base
Collection 2000 concealer
Collection 2000 powder
Max Factor’s blush in Natural Glow
MAC Frankly Scarlet for the red
Beauty UK palette for the black
MUA’s fashionista eyebrow palette
Lush’s Independent eyeliner
MUA eyelashes
Envyderm’s mascara
Lush’s Decisive red lipstick mixed with Confident
Illamasqua pencil in honor
Secondly we have the attempt on Jamie. For this I made the eyebrows a different shape and loved it. Jamie wanted the horrible white face paint on so I wasn’t 100% positive about the end result. A purple contour with dark lips really went well with the eyes.
halloween makeup
Products used:
White Face paint (cheap rubbish)

MUA’s purple eye shadow

MAC’s frankly scarlet
Bourjois Black
Lush’s independent eyeliner
Essence jumbo pencil eyeliner
Max Factor’s kohl pencil
Lush’s Decisive red lipstick
MUA fashionista eyebrow palette
Since that I attempted another eye look for Jamie. I kept the shaped eyebrows and made it a lot darker below the crease to make the eyes pop more. I took the purple and red under the eyes to give the impression of un-dead tiredness.
halloween vampire makeup eyes

Products used:

MUA fashionista eyebrow palette
MUA’s purple
MAC’s frankly scarlet
MUA eyelashes
Essence Jumbo pencil
Beauty UK’s black
Envyderm’s mascara
Lush’s independent eyeliner

Keep an eye on Betzy’s blog where you’ll be able to read about how to dress any of these vampire looks!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my Halloween series, I’ve had so much fun doing it!