Halloween Makeup: Ursula

Pretty much everyone has seen the fantastic Ursula makeup going around, I found it on pinterest and ever since I’ve wanted to attempt it. So I finally did and it turned out pretty well to my complete surprise. As well as fitting in with Halloweek, it also fits in well with my Disney Series that I wanted to start, the first of which was my Queen of Hearts look.

disney ursula makeup
Please do ignore my hair, it was wet so it doesn’t look its best.
I actually hate the white face paint that I bought so I used white powder instead with blue/purple eyeshadow all over. I also cancelled out my eyebrows with concealer and drew them a lot higher.
Products used:

Max Factor’s long lasting performance foundation
Collection 2000 powder
B. white eyeshadow
Beauty UK Soho palette (purples/blue)
Lush’s decisive red lipstick
Collection 2000 eyeliner
Beauty UK eyebrow palette (black)
MUA eyelashes
Envyderm Mascara
Max Factor’s kohl pencil in black