Halloween Makeup: Nature Witch

This look came about from just playing around with makeup late one night and therefore I did attempt to take the best photos of it. I wasn’t originally going to post this look as I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, but after asking Instagram, it seems that I’m wrong! This Nature Witch Halloween Look was inspired by my Witch I did last year, and like my Ursula look, I wanted to perfect and improve it. This time I decided to carry on the design of the veins/tree roots onto the side of my face and neck to sculpt my features a little more.
Nature Witch Halloween Look.


Products used:
MAC Studio Fix
Collection Concealer
Collection Powder
Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 2 to contour


Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos for the colour under my eyes


Lush’s Confident Lipstick blended in
Lola Black Pencil
Red Cherry Lashes (very long and thin)
Illamasqua’s pencil in Honour (dark purple/brown)
Max factor False Lash Effect Mascara
First apply your usual foundation, concealer before taking a cool, taupe colour to contour with. This doesn’t have to be too over the top, but definitely make sure you’ve really defined your cheeks and jawline.
Taking a Purple and Pink, add colour underneath your eyes and blend out. Initially I wanted to go for a ‘sore’ eyes kind of look, but I got a little carried away.
Next take your powder and add just a little to anywhere that needs help to control the shine.
I then took my purple/brown pencil and began to map out the tree/vein design starting on the side of my neck and pulling the design outwards. Keeping it as simple as possible I carried the design onto my chest a little and up the side of my face.
I then started in the corner of my eyes and dragged the design down my nose a little and around my eyes/forehead and very lightly over my eyebrows.
Taking a tiny bit of purple lipstick, I then added it to the centre of my lips and blended out until it was virtually gone.
Apply some really long and thin eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara, before lining the waterline with a black pencil.
It’s a really quick and simple look to achieve, with not many steps at all!


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