Halloween Makeup: Half Skull

Some of my Halloween looks this year are going to be ‘improvements’ and recreations of the ones I did last year. Simply because, when I look at them, I can see things that I would change and do differently, like my Ursula look. Last year, I created a simple Half Sugar Skull Halloween look and this year I wanted to keep with a simple skull look, but just stick to black and white. I started by moisturising and priming my face to allow the base to sit better. I then started to map out the white and shading before intensifying it over and over again. At first it started off as quite a detailed skull with more teeth and features, but I decided to simplify it more as there was just too much going on. I then finished off the other side of my face as slightly more made up than normal, before heading for my Annabelle’s Wig, Red 3/4 Wig Hairpiece, Big Loose Curls: Marie, which you can read the full review of, here. I personally feel that the wig and hat (kindly donated by Ryan’s Auntie, which I wore it at St Legers Ladies Day!) really made this look feel more complete and ready to go.
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BASE: Lush’s Vanishing Cream
Younique Glorious Primer
Illamasqua Rich Base in White
Illamasqua 2 mixed with 3.5
Collection Powder
Collection Concealer
Max Factor Blush in Natural Glow
EYES: Makeup Revolution Matte Black
Max Factor Masterpiece Max
Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Pomade Chocolate
LIPS: Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer Rebel


I think this look would be perfect for anyone wanting a ‘pretty’ Halloween look as you can just stay looking the same clothes/hair/half of your makeup wise. It’s quick, easy, yet very dramatic and drawing. I’ve never really been one for Skull looks, as with having a round, fatter face, I can’t really see myself pulling it off that well, but I definitely enjoyed creating this!