Halloween Makeup: Comic Book

After already creating a very quick and badly photographed Comic Book look earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to redo and perfect it for Boohoo’s blog. The post contained some amazing bloggers and a makeup artist that I absolutely adore, Karla Powell. I decided to create a step by step guide that shows you exactly how to recreate that ever growing popular Comic Book look that is so easy to rock for Halloween. With this look you have lots of options in what kind of direction you want to go. You can go all out with pop art body paint, comic book dots and outlining your hair, or you could go the more simpler route of just outlining your features and around your face. I opted for a pretty easy but effective look which is very wearable for whatever Halloween occasion.


Halloween Makeup: Comic Book, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Products used/steps taken
  1. Start off with a fully prepped and primed face and apply your favourite foundation, here I am using Vanishing Cream Moisturiser, Younique Primer and Illamasqua Skinbase 2.
  2. Create over-arched and worried looking brows using black eyeliner. The Balm Eyeliner is perfect for this and use it to block fill your eyebrows.
  3. Line around the entire eyes and extend with an exaggerated flick.
  4. Using the same eyeliner, draw the outline of your cheekbones, jaw line, and any wrinkles near your eyebrows and down your nose. It’s optional to outline the edge of your entire face.
  5. Using your favourite bright red lipstick, mine is Makeup Revolution’s Atomic Ruby, add a bright red lip. At this point you should outline the lip and add a white highlight but I was naughty and forgot…
  6. With white eyeliner or white foundation, start to dot around using the bottom end of a makeup brush. These don’t need to be perfect but try not to overdo it. Continue to dot onto any showing skin. Illamasqua Scribe or Rich Base is perfect for this, but foundation will smudge if not set and let to dry properly.