Halloween: Cat Makeup

Halloween is creeping up on us so I decided I would do a pretty simple yet very wearable look for work, or drinks. I’m actually planning on wearing this myself on Halloween as I’m working late that evening. This is a Leopard Print Cat look. As most of you know I love contouring my face into different shapes and with a cat, it’s definitely something you have to do a lot of.

Cat Makeup

Two different rooms with two different lights just so you can see what it truly looks like. The contour on my cheeks was a lot heavier but the leopard print pattern covers that up. This look was really easy to create and didn’t take long at all. I even extended my lips, making them bigger and pointier. I chose not to add whiskers as I thought with the leopard print there was more than enough going on. Obviously if you desired you could take the print further down.

Products used:
Max Factor’s long lasting performance foundation
Collection 2000 concealer
MUA white eye shadow (over most of my face)
MUA bronzer (down nose, cheeks, neck)
Essence jumbo pencil (to draw leopard print, waterline of eyes AND ON MY LIPS!)
Collection 2000 eyeliner (eyes, nose, corner of mouth to give it a point, dots)
MUA eye palette earth child (colour in leopard print)
Max Factor clear lip gloss
Envyderm’s mascara
MUA false lashes
MUA fashionista eyebrow kit

I definitely think some of those products needed explaining. Like I said a very wearable look and probably the most affordable one I’ve done yet as it didn’t require anything I wouldn’t use on an everyday basis anyway, just in a very different way.