Halloween Makeup – Broken Doll

Broken Doll
For Halloweek I’ve been looking at Pinterest for ideas and saw the most beautiful and creative look and challenge myself to see if I could do it. I am over the moon with how it turned out!  A little bit difficult in places and with me being extremely pale as it is, even more difficult to make my skin look life-like enough. The post I got the inspiration from didn’t say what look it was meant to be, so I’ve named it a Broken Doll look, as in the face it’s quite porcelain looking with everything bright and in place, but the rest is all pasty and white, the cracks also help the look, as if the doll has been dropped and that’s all that remains. Well that’s my take anyway, read into it however you want!
Broken Doll halloween
Products used:

White Face Paint
Max Factor Long Lasting Performance
Illamasqua Skinbase

MUA eyebrow kit
MUA false lashes
Envyderm’s Mascara
Beauty UK Earth Child palette
Lush’s Decisive lipstick
Envyderm’s plumping lipgloss
Collection 2000 pressed powder
Collection 2000 concealer
Miss Sporty white eyeshadow
Collection 2000 black eyeliner
Lush’s Independant eyeliner
Max Factor’s blush
Illamasqua white pencil, Vow
I covered my face in the white face paint first and left a small space, I went over the edges of where I wanted the cracks to be as I wanted an even coverage. After I put foundation over the top of the white, as it was far easier to do that than to try putting more white on, it can be very streaky.
Like I said in my Halloweek post, for those who want to get involved, I like ‘pretty Halloween’, nothing too gruesome! Check out my Pinterest for my other upcoming Halloween looks and the inspiration for this post.