Halloweek: Maleficent

Only a few days to go until Halloween now and I’ve got yet another Disney themed look for you all. I really love looking at Pinterest for inspiration and when I saw the most gorgeous Maleficent makeup, I couldn’t resist attempting it myself. I’m also really excited about ‘Maleficent’ the film coming out next year, starring one of my favourite actresses, Angelina Jolie. Probably one of the easiest looks I’ve done so far as it took a fraction of the time! I will say that it wasn’t easy to wash off though.
halloween malefient
I am really disappointed with my camera as it really didn’t capture the colours properly, my face was a much brighter green. However, I love it. It’s also my Mum’s favourite look.
For this look I used Max Factor’s foundation mixed in with MUA’s green eye shadow. This method does take up a lot of foundation as the eye shadow absorbs it all, but I find it’s a much more wearable finish as it’s smoother and your face doesn’t feel as tight as when face paints are used. The coverage is also build-able without being patchy. I also covered up my eyebrows with concealer and drew them a lot higher.
Products used:
Max Factor’s long lasting performance
MUA’s green eye shadow
MUA’s purple eye shadow
MUA’s eyebrow palette
Collection 2000 eyeliner
Max Factor’s kohl black pencil
Lush’s Decisive red lipstick
Beauty UK’s masquerade palette for the black contour
MUA eyelashes
Envyderm’s mascara