Hairfinity Tablets – Healthier Hair in 30 Days!

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was absolutely terrified to try the Hairfinity tablets after everything I have heard about them causing spots and oily skin. I must have asked everyone for reviews and what they thought countless times. I already have more than enough spots and oils on my skin to willingly encourage more so I did put these off for a good couple weeks before finally taking the plunge, but I am so pleased that I did. After picking up a bottle at the Hairfinity Event with the Kardashians I wondered whether not they were worth the huge hype.
Hairfinity Tablets - Healthier Hair in 30 Days!

I decided to update my Twitter every couple of days/weeks with my finding as I wasn’t sure if I’d like them enough to actually write up about them, which is kind of a spoiler….On Day 2 of taking the tablets I was pleased to see that I hadn’t ‘broke out into Spotzilla yet’, whereas one week in I did start to notice the odd blemish or two. However, my hair was so soft and my scalp was a lot less oily so I didn’t really mind at all. Two weeks into the tablets and my hair was actually glorious, it felt and looked amazing whilst my face was like a dot-to-dot.

Hairfinity Tablets - Healthier Hair in 30 Days!
Hairfinity Tablets - Healthier Hair in 30 Days!
I will mention that I did skip a couple days as I am just a normal person and I’m not perfect at remembering to do things daily…. Anyway, week 3 was an incredible hair day, I felt amazing and my face was completely cleared, I described the tablets as ‘magic’ on this tweet and I stand by that. I have now finished the entire bottle and my hair still feels stronger, it looks healthier and it breaks a lot less. At £24 for a months supply I cannot recommend them enough, a couple of spots but glorious hair is well worth the extra concealer.
So, how do they work? The tablets are made with all sorts of nutrients which nourish your hair from the inside out to help you achieve the best from your hair. The one ingredient people say to look out for is Biotin as that can produce spots (if you don’t drink enough water), however, this ingredient helps prevent dryness and increases the elasticity in the hair which means less breakages. It also produces more keratin in the inside of your follicle which makes your hair shinier and healthier. Other ingredients such as Vitamin A, B5, C, B12 and D all work together to product sebum, maintain the hair, prevent shedding and hair loss!
Hairfinity Tablets - Healthier Hair in 30 Days!
As well as all these nutrients it also contains collagen and 18 amino acids meaning you get everything your hair could ever need. They’re meant to increase hair growth after a 30 day period which obviously that has been when my tablets run out, so I can’t comment on that just yet, but it’s definitely grown as it hasn’t broken as much.
As you can tell, I’m pretty impressed. If ever my hair got to the state of breaking and looking unhealthy again (which with dyeing it constantly can happen), then I will definitely be ordering another bottle!Have you tried Hairfinity before?

*PR sample received in a goodie bag

  • I was really looking forward to your review on this since hearing you were trying them out!
    I have combination/mostly dry skin so I think this might be worth the try as my hair is feeling so lack lustre. You hair looks incredible!
    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  • i think with these kind of tablets you do get the good with the bad and as you said, the spots did clear up so its all good. these seem good form your review, for the price though ill just stick to vitamins from holland and barretts to keep up the health of my hair x

  • Just Ems

    Thank you so much for sharing beautiful, I really do value your honest opinion and for someone that I have complete hair envy over, I’m going to add these to my list of things I’m going to get when I get paid next week! My hair really does need some treatment but with so many products out there, I really don’t know where to start to improve the condition of my hair. Thanks again for sharing, was looking forward to reading this review after seeing your Tweets x