Haircare Menu: Color Wow Cocktails, Paul Michell’s Marula Oil & Nanogen!

Haircare Menu: Color Wow Cocktails, Paul Michell’s Marula Oil & Nanogen!

I take my haircare very seriously, more so after a few disastrous hair stripping products that I’ve been sent, and so, I’m really picky on what I agree to review. I have to be with bright red hair otherwise I’d have hair dye on every single day. Luckily, we’re onto a winner with my haircare menu from these past few weeks. The Marula Oil range from Paul Mitchell is beyond what I ever expected. The Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner are absolutely beautiful, it feels so luxurious and hydrating whilst washing your hair and you’re left with super soft, moisturised and happy hair. I only recently have super happy hair after my first hair cut in 2 years and I choose this brand to be the first to grace my new locks. It was an amazing choice. The Marula Oil Hair Mask also came out for its last play as it’s now a completely empty tub and I always see that as a great sign if I finish a product completely before writing the review on it. I loved it and Alfie loved it too, it is incredibly hydrating on thicker, curlier hair and overall one of the most hydrating hair masks I have ever used. It’s meant to be this impressive too, it reduces split ends, improves the overall condition and adds more shine. There’s also two oils in this range, the Rare Oil Treatment and the Rare Oil Treatment light, no guessing what they mean. Just 4-6 drops for a treatment of the normal oil, or 2-3 drops of the light version if you intend to use it before blowdrying. I don’t seem to have any information on pricing which is super annoying as they look to be available in salons only, but from little things that I can find it looks like the shampoo and conditioner is priced around £20 each which is definitely what I’d expect.

Paul Michtell Marula OilIMG_3549


As I already have incredibly thick hair, I’ve got my parent’s to try out the Nanogen range and so far there’s been no complaints! They both have quite thin hair and have mentioned several times over the years how they’ve wanted some sort of shampoo or treatment to thicken it out again. Nanogen claim to offer immediate results but that’s probably from their actual hair thickening fibre product at £18.95 that does indeed add hair fibres to the hair and thickens it up in seconds. It’s actually beyond impressive and perfect for a quick fix. The shampoo and conditioner however are a lot more advanced. Their formulas treat both the scalp and the actual hair to help it grow and keep the hair looking and feeling healthy. The scalp itself is cleansed with Salicylic acid which detoxifies and removes any sort of buildup, the deep cleaning allows new hair to grow more freely. They also contain Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates the hair fully to make sure your new hair and older hair are fully looked after. The shampoo and conditioner are just £7.95 which is a ridiculously good price for what they do.


Nanogen Thickening treatment
Finally, I was so excited to hear about the launch of the Color Wow Hair Cocktails last month and I couldn’t wait to try them for myself. I don’t think it’s a secret how much of a huge fan I am of Color Wow, I write about them occasionally and if I ever do run out of shampoo they’re my go-to to buy and know that my hair will stay flawless. Their new range of hair cocktails is super interesting as there’s three different blends that do three different things. The Kale Cocktail has been formulated to reinforce the vital internal bonds to significantly strengthen hair, they actually claim by over 50% with just one use! The Coconut Cocktail is all about restoring the lipid layer to hair which will make the surface extra silky, smooth and manageable hair. Finally the Carb Cocktail is the one which cleverly bonds a micro-fibre mesh to the surface of the hair to which will make the hair appear thicker, fuller and give the hair ‘starch’. I’ve been using Kale and Coconut as I really don’t need any help with thickness and I absolutely love them. You apply them to lightly damp hair and you don’t rise them out which I found super interesting. It means that a little goes a long way and for the £22 price tag attached on to each bottle, they’ll definitely be worth it.

Color wow hair cocktails
Have you been trying out any fun haircare lately?


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  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Definitely interested in the Colour Wow – I think Coconut sounds good. Would be interested to see the list of ingredients to see if they work with the Curly Girl ethos