Haircare I’m Currently Trying FT Time Bomb, Redken & More!

Hair thinning seems to be a huge topic this year and I say that because I’ve reviewed probably over 10 different types now which is rather crazy! I don’t have thin hair myself, but my parent’s do and when they notice a difference, they seriously notice a difference. We really love Time Bomb as a family, I think just about everyone apart from my brother has now tried it out and got on with it. Alfie’s obsessed, I have bits of the collection next to the bed and this week I’ve been washing my hair for the sake of it so I can try it out myself, as well as having everyone else’s opinion.

The Time Bomb Larger Than Life Shampoo at £16.50 for 250ml is a hair building formula which contains proteins and a unique peptide complex to help give the hair life and bounce. It’s sulphate-free and contains Flexan which will help lift. The Time Bomb Larger Than Life Conditioneralso at the same price, is meant to be an ultra-lightweight conditioner but I could definitely feel it. I mean that in the sense that there are some ‘light conditioners’ that do absolutely nothing to your hair, there’s no conditioning feeling at all but this one feels amazing without weighing your hair down. I often struggle with being able to wash out heavily moisturising products in my hair as I can’t move my arms around too much depending on my back pain, so I actually found this pretty amazing for my thick hair. They’re lightweight formulas but they get the job done to a really high standard. My hair looks and feels amazing after one use!

Love, love, LOVE the styling products from this range. The Time Bomb High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray at £16.50 for 150ml, is exactly what I need for my mum’s hair whenever I am styling it. She seriously needs some oomft and this does it. I’ve only tried it on myself so far and I was super impressed so I’m excited to see how well it does on super thin hair, I imagine it’ll be amazing. I was so disappointed when I realised the Time Bomb Strike A Pose Modelling Hair Spray  at £16.50 for 200ml, wasn’t exactly a traditional hair spray but I seriously misjudged it. It’s basically like spraying on a liquid, it doesn’t dry immediately but if you leave it for a little while your hair sets in place without the horrible, too dry, too much feel of hairspray. Alfie’s been using this every morning to set his promade!

Time Bomb Larger Than Life

This post is called ‘haircare I’m currently trying’ because a few of the products included are ones that I’m still making my mind up about, like these two below from Sexy Hair. I did ask for a hairspray but instead I got these two, and these two require quite a bit of trying out to find out if I like them or not and with working at home, I’m literally washing my hair for the sake of it now. The Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reactivating Spray is definitely something I like the sound of,  but after trying it for the first time it doesn’t really feel like there’s anything in the formula that’s going to enhance curls? You know like with sea salt spray, your hair gets crunchier as you scrunch it? Yeah, not here. I can’t find the ingredients on the website and judging by videos it’s an odd product. Basically a water mist that you scrunch into your hair and your hands create the waves? Equally confusing is the thought of the Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. You’re meant to add it to your roots to add volume but surely adding a thick gel to your roots is going to weigh your hair down? It’s said to hold your hair in place, so this will only work on blow dry looks and not ones where you’re going to style with heat afterwards.
Sexy HairPillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Treatment Cream

Another blow dry product but one that I’m actually really excited about. The Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Treatment Cream at £17 helps to dry your hair faster! I LOVE products like this, I’ve currently got the fan in my office drying my hair as I can’t be bothered with a blow dryer all the time. The primer contains heat protection as well as reducing blow time, what else could you need? I was also sent this super handy travel size which is coming on holiday with me, manageable hair that takes dries in a speedy time? Hell yes.

The Tints of Nature Range has been a dear favourite these past few weeks. It’s a natural and organic brand of award winning products, which includes an INCREDIBLE dry shampoo at £11.99. The dry shampoo is 99.5% natural and is a powder that absorbs extra and unwanted oils in the hair. I love powder dry shampoos and I’ve been reaching for this constantly. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and looking shiny, it’s a tad pricier than the one I usually buy but I love the pump action so you can direct exactly where you want it.The rest of the range takes on a sulphate free approach, although this is meant to be good for coloured hair, I did notice quite a bit of fallout to say my hair is in desperate need of dyeing. The Tints of Nature Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner at £6.98 are a great sulphate-free option but they’re definitely not the best at keeping colour in, and you need SO much conditioner to actually feel it. Shockingly, I’ve still really enjoyed the range, my hair feels really lovely and hydrated, with ingredients like Aloe and Camomile flower it’s bound to!

The Green Parent are the UK’s leading lifestyle and natural parenting magazine and in their annual natural beauty awards, which are voted by a panel of testers, the Tints of Nature products actually won a few awards! The condioner and treatment were awarded with best buys and the shampoo was awarded the silver award. How cool!

Tints of Nature Range


I said that Tints of Nature has been a recent favourite and that’s because I’ve completely ran out of these incredible products from Mitonia.  Seriously impressive. I’ve waited until I polished off the bottles completely to talk about these as when I’m going to rave about a product, I need to be 110% certain about it. I can’t do the ‘love a product this week, realise it’s shit next week,’ which we’ve all definitely done before, hopefully not on our blogs but you know what I mean! I was approached by Mitonia after they read some tweets on my hair and the effort it takes to keep it looking this fabulous *swishes hair* and I really love that, I mean I get approached to review shampoo for blonde hair so it’s really refreshing to be contacted by someone who’s put the time and effort into seeing where their products end up.

So, these are FANCY products. Mitonia are the ONLY haircare manufacturer to use ‘white caviar’ which is more expensive than black caviar, and said to be of a higher quality. It helps to provide a long lasting hydration to the scalp and hair, along with glacial Swiss water – I did say it was fancy! You know hyaluronic acid by now and how popular it is? Well, it’s also in this range as the different weight of molecules work to either coat the hair or penetrate the follicle meaning that hydration and nourishment is happening from the inside and outside. With it being so colour friendly, there’s no nasties in this, no parabens, sulphates or mineral oils.

The Miriam Quevedo Glacial White Caviar Hydra-pure Shampoo is £32.25 and is seriously one of the best shampoos I’ve ever owned. It’s been my go-to for any event, anytime I want my hair to look special. I wouldn’t risk trying out something new for a big day when I had this around. The

The Miriam Quevedo Glacial White Caviar Hydra-pure Rescue Masque at £46.25 is heavenly. I worry so much about using masks that aren’t colour-friendly as I don’t want to wash the mask off and lose half my hair colour, but I don’t have to worry about it here. It has been such an utter delight to have these products in my life!

Miriam Quevedo Glacial White Caviar Hydra-pure

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray

Finally, the Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Tricho Pro Volumizing Protein Spray at £35. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell does it do to warrant that price tag? Well it’s part of the Philip Kingsley’s Trichotherapy product range, which has obviously gained it’s name from trichology, which is the study of the hair and scalp. This product was developed over 7 years ago and it is meant to be as physically close as the treatments he offers in his hair clinics. The range contains 3 products and this is apparently the most impressive. The protein spray is to help thicken up the hair and therefore prevent breakages caused by combing and styling your hair whether it be with heat or not. Rich in anti-oxidants also means that it’s going to help shine, fullness and nourish. This will definitely be a product I try out on my long hair, after one combing session I have enough hair that has fallen out to make my own fur-kitten.

Are you trying out anything exciting?

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