Haircare Hits & Misses

A couple of months ago my hair care review shelf was completely empty and since then I’ve had an influx of different brands, treatments, hair colours, styling products, and just about every type of haircare product. This happens sometimes as it just depends on what people are promoting at the time, but it means that it takes me even longer to review hair care, especially with having bright red dyed hair.

I have to be really careful about what products I choose to review, as I do not want to use things that are not good on coloured hair. Often I do break my own role as I will like the sound of something and I want to try it out anyway, so I’ll use them when my hair is due for a colour refresh. For the past few months I’ve been trying out different products from seven different brands, of course there are some products that I absolutely adore, and some that I didn’t like at all. So here are my current Haircare Hits & Misses.

Kenra has definitely been my favourite, without a doubt. I love using styling products and the last ones I really fell in love with were Envypro (you can read my review here), but these are actually a lot better. Which makes sense, they’re a professional haircare brand and they’re only just launched in the UK. The Shampoo and Conditioner were from the moisturising range and therefore not colour-friendly so my mum has been using these instead. I stuck to all the incredible styling products and my hair has been looking amazing.

Haircare Hits, Kenra professional, salon success
The Super Hold Finishing Spray is amazing, it’s a seriously strong hairspray and one of my current favourites. I’ve loved using the Blow-Dry Spray to give my hair a little more glam factor, along with the Root Lifting Spray. It’s not a hugely lifting product, but it still works. The Revive Oil comes out on second day hair to bring it back to life and it works so well. It’s not too heavy at all and I haven’t had the problem of using too much… yet anyway!

Haircare Hits, envy proHaircare Hits, shea moisture

Speaking of Envypro, this Dual Fix foaming mask is an interesting one! I didn’t like the application as I found it a little messy and long compared to other masks, but my hair did look and feel amazing afterwards. Making it worth the effort. It’s quite an expensive mask at £19.95 but it claims to do 12 things in total. Adds shine, easy detangling, hydrates, reduces frizz, helps hair colour and may many more things. I like that it’s a foam as sometimes my hair will feel weighed down for days with heavy masks.

I really didn’t love the Frizz Defence range from Shea Moisture, and normally I love everything from there. The shampoo was watery and very difficult to foam, but I guess that is the point, it just didn’t feel nice at all. The conditioner was the complete opposite, it would have been better in a tub as it’s SO thick, it’s physically straining to pump to get a normal amount. They’re about £10.99 each and available from Boots.

Lee Staffordlee stafford, paul mitchell, haircare haircare, Scünci

Lee Stafford rarely ever fails to impress and we have absolutely been loving the Bigger Fatter Fuller range. It was amazing at making my hair feel bouncy and shiny. Alfie agreed as he was using it constantly, instead of his own things. The Shampoo and Conditioner are both £6.99 and the Plumping Cream is £7.99, making them a cost effective way to get bigger, fuller hair. Alfie’s also been obsessing over the Sea Salt Mud Mask at £10.99, he has been raving constantly about how good it is for softening his hair and calming down his scalp, he’s even been using it in his beard!

A shockingly unimpressive delivery was the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash and Stay Strong Hair Spray. Neither of which were any good or remotely what I expected from PM! The Dry Shampoo smelt amazing, but it wasn’t strong enough to take away my greasy locks and turn them into fresh ones. And the hairspray just wasn’t very strong at all and I found my hair falling out in record time, which is seriously annoying after you’ve spent an hour curling it.

haircare misses, philip kingsley

I’ve also been trying out Scünci Bobbles and Grips and they’re actually pretty good. Not the best there is but they get the job done.

Finally, Philip Kingsley products that I completely adore. The Elasticizer is just as good as everyone says and at £31, it’s exactly what you’d expect. This is a seriously intensive conditioning treatment that adds bounce, shine, and helps with coarse/thick hair. It adds elasticity to the hair which helps prevent breakages. It’s won a seriously impressive 24 awards which speaks volumes. I have it in Coconut Breeze which smells incredible. You simply apply this before shampooing onto damp hair, leave for as long as you want, even sleep in it, and then wash it out. The other Philip Kingsley product I’ve been using is the Instant Beach, salt-free beach wave creating spray at £22. It helps create a soft hold and very natural looking waves, plus it smells beautiful.

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