Hair Care with Fragrance Direct!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been trying out a bundle of hair care products courtesy of Fragrance Direct that I have never tried before. Fragrance Direct are an online retailer who cover everything beauty related from perfumes to hair styling tools, all at affordable prices. You’ve probably heard of them before as they are the place to go to when you want to get your favourite beauty products at an amazing price. I’ve recently been trying our their Tigi S Factor Colour Savvy Shampoo for Coloured Hair* at £7.99 reduced from £13.30. It is described as ‘For the color aficionada whose hair requires a gentler shampoo. This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans the hair without stripping color. Perfect for clients with multi-processed hair.’ which means it should be pretty amazing at keeping my colour in. However, I mainly use vegetable dyes (semi permanent dyes) which run out of my hair a little faster and I’ve not noticed any difference in this. I have noticed my hair to smell beautiful and to feel a lot softer though. With it being sulfate free it means that the shampoo doesn’t lather too much, which can be quite stripping on the hair.


To go with this I have been using the Tigi S Factor Colour Savvy Conditioner* (at a similar price for it’s size, but the website lists a much bigger size). It’s described as a conditioner that is going to help restore life back into the hair and to restore the damaged of colouring. Again, I cannot comment on the colour stay as it really hasn’t improved it for me, but it is indeed a lot softer and shinier. Both of the Tigi product’s packaging was a little outdated, with my bottles in particularly looking like they’ve been waiting for a home for quite a while now. I don’t think this affected the products at all though as they still smelt beautiful.

Next up I received the Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray* at £9.50 reduced from £14.25. I love to spray this on my hands and work through my roots. It gives me volume for hours and doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable. The website even instructs that you can use this as a second day restyled which I did actually try. I found it to make my roots look a little shiny but it was nothing that dry shampoo couldn’t fix. I use this along with the Tigi Catwalk Lock Lock Hairspray* (£6.50 reduced from £11.95). It’s quite strange packaging, as one slight touch and it’s spraying everywhere but it’s definitely my favourite from this selection as thankfully it doesn’t have that horrible gasping-for-air hairspray smell. It’s quite a strong hold hairspray and does tend to harden the hair if you apply too much but it can be easily ruffled out. It’s probably the only product from this selection that I would rebuy as my hair stays flawlessly curly all day long. Below are probably the quickest before and after pictures I have ever taken, left is before work and the right is after! You can see that all the curls are pretty much there, they’re just a little softer which is definitely a good thing in my books!


Lastly, I got the chance to play with the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hot Brush*, which I remember my mum having many, many years ago. I remember watching her whilst she ran this weird device through her short hair to create puffy, voluminous hair. However, having long, curly hair meant that it was only good for curling my fringe over and creating a rather Disney fringe and even then it needed a lot of direction. Other than that I can’t see myself getting much use from this as it’d be better suited for shorter hair that’s in need of a lift as opposed to styling big thick hair like mine. It does mean that my mum can be reunited with an old friend though, and maybe gain back her voluminous hair.
Obviously I haven’t been blown away by the products from Fragrance Direct, but red, thick, curly hair is notoriously difficult to please so I’m really not surprised. Also, just because these products were not for me it doesn’t mean they won’t be the best products ever for you! (Unless you have similar hair….)
Have you tried any of theses products before? What did you think?