Hair Care Routine

I’ve been asked several times before what I use on my hair so I thought I would show my recent hair care. This changes every month as I don’t always have enough to splurge on everything Lush, so it really depends on what my Mum grabs at the Supermarket. That doesn’t mean that I end up with 99P conditioners that strip my hair colour though, both my parent’s are becoming rather good at picking up decent Supermarket hair care.

hair care lush


For work or just the daytime I normally use a Lush shampoo bar, Seanik is probably my favourite as it adds a little shine and bounce. New and Karma are two other of my favourite shampoo bars, New helps your hair to grow faster and Karma is my favourite fragrance.
If I’m off down town or want to make a special effort that day I will use my favourites, Big and Blousey. Big is a sea salt shampoo that adds volume and I mix it with Blousey which enhances the colour and shine of your hair. Together they make the perfect going out hair, big and bouncy!


When I can afford it I love Lush’s Retread, however I tend to go through a lot of conditioner so I can’t always justify buying expensive brands (it’s only £9 a pot but everything adds up!) Herbal Essences is often on offer. L’oreal Elvive was just because we sent my Dad out, I didn’t like it at all but I’ve finished the bottle in no time. This week I’m using TRESemmé’s colour protect conditioner and I love it. It’s very luxurious with a pleasant smell and it’s very heavy, which is just what my thick locks need.

Before styling my hair I like to use my Joico hair oil, it also has colour protecting ingredients that helps keep my hair nice and shiny, as well as frizz free! In last month’s Birchbox a little beauty arrived called ‘Beauty Protector’ it basically did everything, past tense because I’ve used it all (sad face). It helped protect your hair from frizz, UV rays, colour fading, there was a big list on the side and it smelt beautiful. At £15 a bottle I haven’t been able to get a full size one just yet, but I plan on using my Birchbox points on it! Next up if my hair is being super naughty and being a hot mess, I’ll stick some R&B hair moisturiser on before blow drying. You have to be really careful when applying this as it can be quite greasy but it does eventually dry, it’s just when you’re trying to styling your hair there’s no chance at all. Often I’ll coat my hair in it and go to sleep, obviously not too much as it would be a nightmare to wash out, but just enough to give my ends a good seeing to, as without regular cuts and my monthly pot of H’shua Wen Hua, they’re becoming rather dry.

hair care lush and joico

Hair care certainly does not have to be expensive at all. The most expensive thing I use is Blousey at £18 and that’s only because it’s fantastic, and let’s be honest, I get a rather good discount.