Guest post: Spotting a Fake MAC Lipstick!

Hello my lovelies!

It’s Siobhan from The Beauty Baker and I’m going to be doing a post on how to tell if you’re buying a real MAC lipstick online.

mac fake lipstick

Recently I bought a MAC lipstick online and being silly I thought it was real (I didn’t buy it off their actual website) when it came it looked just like a real MAC lipstick in the box and packaging but some fakes have the little dots on the MAC name either closer together or further apart, sadly mine didn’t have that so I couldn’t tell.My lipstick felt so much more heavier than my actual MAC lipstick and it didn’t have that lovely vanilla smell that you usually get. Plus my lipstick started melting a little.

The inside of the lipstick with actual MACs usually don’t smudge or mark the inside of the tube but my fake one was leaving so many marks, it was breaking and it was just horrible. It melts as soon as I put it on my lips and is really just unusable.
mac fake lipstick

The only tips I can give really when you’re buying online is if you’re buying one not from the official MAC website then look at the packaging, if it looks wider than usual or have the little dots in a different place even if it’s just a little bit then it’s a fake. Sadly you can’t smell or feel through the Internet to sense the Vanilla smell or feel the weight but you can ask for a photo of the lipstick open and a photo of the inside of the tube, if you can see ANY marks on the inside of it then don’t bother buying it because it is most likely a fake.

I hope this has helped you guys so you know how to spot a fake MAC lipstick because I don’t want any of you to be disappointed when you receive your item like I was.