The Good Spa Guide Summer Favourites

The Good Spa Guide are by far one of the most trustworthy people when it comes to wanting spa advice. Whether it is treatments, products, or location, they know it all and can help with everything. The other week I was in a Twitter chat talking about Summer Beauty and how we look after our skin different in the Summer to in the Winter. The Good Spa Guide sent over a selection of INCREDIBLE products and I have been a pampered princess ever since. Well, I already was, but just with more luxurious products this time.

During my many spa breaks I’ve actually paid for a Body Mud Mask Treatment and it wasn’t at all glamorous. We were put in a little steam room with a pot of mud and told we had a couple of minutes to completely cover ourselves. An absolute mad dash to get it on everywhere, when the steam started it was actually too much to handle! It was our first time and it meant we weren’t quite ready. When the TempleSpa Glorious Mud at £45 showed up, I was so happy that I would be able to try out a mud treatment again, but in my own time. The mask was accompanied by TempleSpa All Wrapped Up, a pack of 4 sauna suits for £10. No need to worry about fitting in them (obviously a concern as spas aren’t often plus friendly) as there’s plenty of room in these, a very pleasant surprise. You simply open up the suit and place it on the floor ready to step in to when your mud is on, the wrap causes your body to heat up and there you have a mud treatment right at home! It says to leave it on for 20 minutes but I left it on for as long as I could stand and my skin felt amazing.

The Good Spa Guide

You can clearly tell what my favourites are here! Equally a favourite is the Nimue Skin Exfoliating Enzyme (price unknown), which seems to only be available in Salons. It’s a chemical exfoliator with no harsh exfoliation at all. Instead it’s a gel that you leave on for a couple minutes and wash away to reveal beautifully soft and smoother skin. I LOVE it. Usually I only love harsh exfoliators because I feel them working but with how smooth my skin is after this, I can get over it. Products I really like don’t stay in the family bathroom and this is under protection. The Comfort Zone hydra memory Moisturiser (around £40), is absolutely perfect to put on after the exfoliator. It’s a really luxurious cream, better suited for drier skin but I use it on the odd nights.

Finishing off with more body products and we have the Thalgo Exotic island Body Scrub at £38. A keyword of this blog is probably ‘good scrub’ because I constantly talk about how much I love a good scrub. I’m basically obsessed. This one is full of oils meaning you’re pampered and smoother than ever after using it. It also smells incredible. Obviously this isn’t to be used with another oil afterwards, so I’ve really had to have lots of pamper nights as everything is a completely different type of treatment. The final product is the Caudalie Divine Oil at £27. This seriously smells like the most relaxing smell ever. You know like the aromatherapy oils, all together, in one bottle, it’s just heavenly. It actually contains grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan. I love it.



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  1. 14th August 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Oh my, these all sound amazing!

    Parie x