The Good Spa Guide A/W Spa Picks

The Good Spa Guide

The Good Spa Guide are on my list of favourite people to work with. They’re always so lovely and they send the most amazing parcels. The last one (as there’s a new one coming up soon!) was incredible. It featured brands like Thalgo, Caudalie and Nimue. The Good Spa Guide sends a select group of bloggers these bundles every now and again for us to try out, join a Twitter chat talking about them and then blog about them. I am quite a cheap person when it comes to anything really, I don’t like buying expensive things because I think dupes can be just as good. Having these boxes is a real treat for me to see how the other half lives, to understand luxury beauty bloggers and I definitely can see why the more luxurious products prevail in some people’s eyes.

The box included:
Trufflesque Ultra Hydration and Radiance Masque at £50
Nimue Super Hydrating Serum – Price unknown
Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax – £45
Thalgo Foaming Micellar at £25
Comfort Zone Renight Cream – £58
Comfort Zone Renight Oil – £40
Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream at £20
Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator at £20


With the selections that The Good Spa Company put together, I always find a new favourite. This time it’s definitely the Trufflesque Mask as it’s gold! The most luxury b*tch face mask I’ve ever seen or owned to be honest and I adore it. It really does feel incredible on your face as well as looking it too. The Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator comes up next as it’s a really refined scrub that means you get a really good exfoliation. The Buffing Cream is better for day to day use, whereas I’d use the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator on days where I need my makeup to look flawless, or just every couple of days for maintenance anyway.

Throw anything Aromatherapy Associates at me and I am a very happy girl. Deep Relax is probably the best smelling thing I’ve had from the range so far. They are beyond luxury but they are so worth it. For the feel on your skin and for how they actually do make you feel when you use them. So much love for this brand and the bath oils. Nimue really surprised me in the last box so I was super happy to see something else from them. They’re very elusive and I cannot ever find their prices online as I think they’re an ‘in salon buy’ only. I quite like that though. You have to work and be in the secret spa product club to know how much you need them in your life.

Equally as exciting, more from Comfort Zone. Their night products are just SO glorious. Alfie constantly uses these before bed, so much so that they’re now hidden so they don’t run out too soon! Swiper no swiping. Thalgo has been a shower-time favourite it seems with how fast the bottle has disappeared. I’ve used it countless times myself but it seems the family have done too. It’s a foaming cleanser that lathers up so you can really wash your face and feel like you’re doing so too. That sounds weird but some of you will hopefully know what I mean.

I’ll be showing you the latest box in a video, so watch out for that as it’s a good one!



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  • yasmine

    Gutted i missed this box.

  • Sabine Schwarz

    What a great box. Quite expensive if you buy all the included. I am same like you and don’t spent tooo much on beauty products.