Ghost White light from The Perfume Shop

Ghost White Light from The Perfume Shop

It’s going to sound like I’m exaggerating when I say that I’ve literally been wearing Ghost Midnight for YEARS. I mean it was seriously one of my first perfumes, and I still love it. It’s always a present I’m bought every single year for either my birthday or Christmas and it’s a scent I’m going to continue to wear.

I didn’t even know they were releasing Ghost White light until I got back from Holiday to a parcel and an email. The Perfume Shop very kindly sent it me to test out and as I’m such a massive fan, you can imagine how happy I was about this. White Light is a lot lighter than Midnight, you probably guessed that with the huge difference in packaging and the name. The reflective white bottle with a holographic top is quite a beautiful choice.
Ghost White light from The Perfume Shop
It’s definitely a day-time scent, a perfect Summer scent with an array of light ingredients such as pears, mandarin, jasmine, patchouli, violet and vanilla. Although I usually love Jasmine and Vanilla, they’re definitely not taking over this scent and I can barely tell it contains them. It’s a very unique scent, I’ve not come across something like it before!

Priced at £25 for 30ml or £34 for 50ml. The one pictured is 50ml.




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