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I am absolutely hopeless at nails, I only ever paint them red and at Christmas I painted them a glittery red. Such a change, I know. If I do need my nails doing for an event I always have to go and buy some, but I really want beautiful nails 24/7 and I’m so jealous of other people when they have gorgeous looking nails. This is where Gerrard International comes to the rescue!Whether you’re looking for this season’s nail polish, The perfect shade lipstick for a party or

a professional manicure, Gerrard International has everything you could ever need and more. They’ve been around for years now and have mobile therapists as well as salons and spas around the UK. You’ve probably heard of them as they have quite a reputation for fantastic results. One thing I had heard about them was that the nails at these salons are amazing, and there are 5 Salons in Sheffield!
Gerrard International

I’ve always hated taking nails off to find monstrous excuses for nails beneath that have been damaged and broken, which is why I really want to try Gel nails. They’re a lot kinder on your own nails and look far more natural.

Gel nails seem to be taking over lately, nearly every salon now offers them and even high street brands are jumping on the wagon with gel nail varnishes. Gerrard International salons also offer a wide range of treatments for gel nails called GELeration. This is because all the products used come from Jessica Cosmetics. Jessica’s GELeration is a chip resistant, high shine, soak-off gel nail polish which lasts for 3 weeks. Something that most people dream of! Check out all the treatments for these long lasting geleration nails.

So if you’re hopeless like me, or love getting your nails done, you can find your nearest gel nails salon online!

Today’s post is Sponsored by Gerrard International.