The Georgina Grogan Party Beauty Box with All Boxed Up

Probably the best project to finish off the year, I have curated a beauty box! The lovely people at All Boxed Up got in touch in October and it was action stations to get all my favourite picks into the box and ready for Christmas. One thing that immediately came to mind is that I want the box to be completely cruelty free. I unfortunately don’t personally only use cruelty free products (MAC Diva is my life) but I have many friends who do and I didn’t want them not to be able to get the box because of it.

Normally beauty boxes have around 4/5 high end products in them, but if you know me well you’ll know that I’m really not about the high end life. Sure sometimes I review high end things, but I always say I’d never actually buy them myself and that’s always because I know and love more affordable alternatives that do the job just as well, if not better. I like that I haven’t sold out and just put in any old high end brand and I love that All Boxed Up really didn’t want me to either, even though it probably would have made the process quicker. Instead they told me that we can have more products in the box of a lower value, so that we can really stick to what I’m all about. Which means I have 8 items in my box and I’m so happy about it.

In my beauty box you will find:


Red Cherry 43s Lashes from, £3.99

These lashes start further down your eye line than most other bands and so, they really open up your eye beautifully and in a really fluttery way. The band is super thin which means you don’t need to conceal it with liner if you don’t want to and you can really accentuate your eyes by making them look longer and bigger. THEY ARE PERFECTION. Plus at £3.99 they’re the best lash style I’ve ever found.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm, Travel Size, £7.50

This is by far the best cleansing balm I have ever tried. Not only is it amazing to cleanse with before makeup to make sure your skin is super soft and moisturised, but after a long night it is by far the easiest way to get everything off, thoroughly, without much effort. I can go from full on makeup to ready for bed in a matter of seconds and I wear a lot of makeup.

Look Good Feel Better Mini Masterclass Brush Set, £19.99

Whenever I go out 99% of my bag is makeup, ‘just in case’ I need touch ups or knock my lipstick or a natural disaster happens and the entire of my makeup bag is required. Seriously I take out far too much makeup with me so I’ve started to turn to mini versions of things to make my life and my bag easier. I’ve had LGFB brushes in my personal makeup bag for over a year now and I couldn’t resist adding a mini set to my beauty box. Such a fantastic way to make sure you stay flawless, whilst not needing to take out a tote bag to carry everything!|

I’ve also chosen Look Good Feel Better as my charity to donate 10% of the boxes too. I think what they do is so incredible, I supported them with my first blogger event and I’m so happy that I can support them again with this project.

Georgina Grogan Party Beauty Box
Georgina Grogan Beauty Box Georgina Grogan Beauty Box

Nails Inc Electric Avenue Nail Polish, £14

Glitter nails are a MUST and this silver glitter from Nails Inc is incredible, your nails will add Christmas sparkle to any outfit. I normally only add glitter to one finger during the year but for the party season, it’s time to go all out! Glitter everywhere!

IYD Stars, £5.50

For a bit of fun and because I really needed to add some additional sparkle in the box for Christmas! What’s a perfect and quick way to add sparkle to a party look? Stars! Whether you want to add one, or go all out and sprinkle them in your roots, they’re the easiest way to add some glam.

Wild About Beauty Cream Blush, £17

The partying season can sometimes mean photos in not the best lighting so I always ensure that my cheeks are on point. I add my blush, contour and highlight all in a direction to ensure my contour is ‘on fleek.’


Bella Pierre Waterproof Gel Eye Liner, 

Black eyeliner is something that I always wear, but it ends up making me look like I’ve not slept in weeks. Bellapierre Gel Liner has fiercely long staying power! I was impressed the second I used it and I’ve been constantly using it since.


Nails Inc Cardio Makeup Bag, £12

There’s nothing more annoying than your make up breaking all over a nice handbag.  I always have cute bags to protect my things and ensure that I can find everything quickly, as it’s all in one place.



The box is £28.99 and can be bought HERE.