Gemporia’s Mega Diamond Auction!

For years, Gemporia have been known for their amazing, and quite frankly, ridiculously cheap deals. Selling hundreds of thousands of diamonds and stones for a fraction of their price, they’re they channel and website to go to if you’re looking to wow someone for any occasion, or just a random special treat for yourself.

Last night there was, and I quote Rachel Hatton a Presenter of Gems TV, ‘the biggest price drop in the entire 10 years of broadcasting’. Well if that wasn’t inviting enough, then take a look at what was auctioned….
That’s right, this stunning diamond necklace was auctioned off on Gems TV, Sunday night at 9pm, for the cheapest price you’ll ever see, of just £20! It’s a gorgeous sterling silver necklace with 14 full diamonds. After listening to how amazing the price drop was going to be, I actually decided to buy one for myself! I don’t think there’s a better reason to buy. There were 3000 up for grabs and it was an incredible audience, I can’t see this piece being talked about for months to come.Don’t forget that with Gems TV there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, and you can also cancel your order if you change your mind. With these auctions, if you’ve never seen them before, everyone pays the final price. So if you ring up at the necklace is on for £400 but the end price is £40, then you’ll pay £40. It’s crazy, isn’t it?
The auction was shown live on the Gems TV channels, which are Freeview 43, Sky 652, Virgin 755. You can also watch online. Did you manage to grab one?