Gemma Collins Georgia Dress – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Gemma Collins and her boutique have been quite busy lately working various plus size models, which means my timeline has been full of gorgeous women in stunning dresses. I must admit, I have definitely been eyeing them up and felt like it was fate to own one after receiving an email to review a Valentine’s Day themed dress from Gemma Collins’ collection. The dresses on offer were of course all red and silly little me didn’t think to ask for another colour, however, for comparison of this amazing Georgia dress, Becky looked absolutely amazing in the blue version.

Gemma Collins Georgia Dress - Perfect for Valentine's Day, georgina grogan, plus size bloggerThe Georgia dress at £70 is such a well made and high quality dress that it is bound to wow anyone you pass. The neckline ensures that your bust is looking its very best whilst defined waist area draws you in and creates that curvaceous and hourglass shape. I decided to size down, as with my gym series, exercising and healthy eating, I am now a 20 in most places, but this is a tight dress. I would say that if you’re comfortable with a visible belly line that you would not have to size up at all as it’s a very true fitting. However, if you shy away from fitted and tighter clothing then sizing up would be perfect to ensure you skim past anything.

In a size 22 I imagine the dress to feel a lot more comfortable on me, as with the 20 it can feel a little tight to move. Seen as I am losing weight, unintentionally I will add, I thought it would be better to grab it in a size I’ll get more wear of for future use too. The lace and dress has quite a good amount of stretch on the bottom half but it’s definitely a dress that rides up, so it did take a lot of readjusting for photos. on my 5’3 self it’s a perfect length to cover up my knees.Gemma Collins Georgia Dress - Perfect for Valentine's Day, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

The lace on the dress is beautiful and I would love to wear it as a top as well as a dress, and I probably will in the future as the neckline is incredible. Gemma Collins has tonnes of dresses to hug and show off every woman’s figure which is probably why I like her clothes so much. I already have my beady eye on the stunning dress that Betty Pamper and Nancy reviewed, gosh don’t they look hot!Gemma Collins has also got some pretty amazing sales on right now but I can definitely say that with the quality I have experienced, they’re worth their full prices for definite, which I don’t say about many brands at all. The sales are simply a bonus which should be taken advantage of – I think I just talked myself into yet another browse…..As it’ll be Valentine’s Day very soon, and this dress would be perfect for anything you had planned, even just swanning around in the mirror at home….it got me thinking about how I would wear it. Currently I’ve been trying out the most darling fragrance from Yves Rocher called Evidence and I can’t help think of it when I see this dress. It’s romantic, flirty, sophisticated and very womanly, the perfect scent for Valentine’s Day really and as it’s currently half price at £17, I may have to pick my Mum one up so she stops stealing mine!


yves rocher evidence perfume

What do you think of Gemma Collins’ collection and do you ever pair outfits with scents?

*Pr Samples – I sized down so this dress will fit you better if you stay true to size.


  • Oh I love a little LRD, this one is beautiful with the long lace sleeves!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  • Ohh you so can’t beat a little red dress. You look gorgeous (as per usual)!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Rosy Flynn

    What a stunning dress you look amazing.

  • This to me looks like a Chanel No 5 dress … severely elegant and sophisticated with a little bit of sharpness thrown in for good measure! You look fantastic in it … the neckline is so flattering!

    C xx