Are LED nail sets any good for people who aren’t already good at nails? I’m rubbish at nails, truly. I can’t paint them properly, and when I do I catch everything as if I’m doing it on purpose and even when I have acrylic nails on I seem to only have them for 2 weeks before they’re dropping off or snapped in half. I’ve tried 2 really modern LED nail sets now, the first required too many coats for my clumsiness to cope with and to get a smooth nail was nearly impossible. It ended up drying so hard that my entire acrylic nail had to come off with it. However, this GELLED LED nail kit is far superior in every way possible.
I was immediately impressed by the innovative design of the light and how you can pick it up, as surely if you’re holding the contraption that is setting your nails, you’re not going to mess them up that way because you need to stay in place? Thankfully for me, it really does work out that way. I had far less accidents from this smart design and truly believe it is the best I’ve seen on the market.
The formula is much more simpler than what I’ve tried before where you have to put on and set multiple layers, meaning there’s more opportunities to mess up. GELLED only needs two layers, the actual colour and then a top coat. How easy is that? I can do that! It still doesn’t mean that if you’re rubbish at nails, this will make you amazing but it does increase your chances in my opinion. I’d have to practice a lot more with this to actually post my efforts online.
Simply because, if you don’t paint them properly and catch any of the skin the paint will simply peel away from your cuticle taking some or all of the paint with it. Frustrating for messy painters but obviously you just have to be neater on your first application and have something near you to take away slip ups. I’m not the neatest of painters and I realise this is my fault not GELLED, but I still think I should point it out as we can’t all nail art a city skyline onto our paws.

The GELLED LED Nail Kit is available on High Street TV’s website and is currently on sale for £39.95!
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  • I love the design of the lamp, what a great idea – I’m hopeless at sitting still so that would be perfect for me! It’s a pretty good price, too 🙂

    Jess xo

  • 73-95

    Love doing our nails with Shellac and this is so similar! The LED Light is a lot better though such a great idea! Xxx

  • I’ve been looking for one of these little LED kits for so long! Haha I’m the most impatient person ever so this would be absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!