FURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush

Furless Cosmetics have been one of my favourite brush companies since I first tried them out way back on my January favourites post! I was so impressed that I got them involved in my First Blogging Birthday Giveaway, and the Sheffield BBloggers event that I organised, as they’re always a pleasure to work with. So much so, that I’ve actually got an amazing giveaway for you all, with a set of brushes where my favourite ever brush comes from. The Powder brush is something that I do not leave home without, I think I actually have separation anxiety. It’s the only brush that I have continually used for nearly a year now and it still looks brand new. The brush comes from the Black Beauty set, that retails for $79.99 which is around £50, making them incredible quality for their cost, especially as they last so long and remain as if you bought them that very day.
FURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush GiveawayFURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush Giveaway
In the Black Beauty Furless Brush Set you will find:


  • Large multi-purpose powder brush
One of my personal favourite brushes as it is perfection for setting under your eyes. The slight dome of the brush makes application smooth and actually enjoyable. As I said before, and I’ll try not to rave TOO much, it’s the only brush I have gone back to, which is a pretty big deal.
  • Angled contour brush
Everyone knows by now that I am very fond of faking my features, and by doing so, I need tools that I can trust to create a fairly natural looking contour. The angle of the brush means that you can distribute the product exactly where you want it and blend it in the same direction also. Which means it’s fantastic for contouring in cheek bones and jaw lines.
  • Multi-purpose blending brush
I really love this brush for when you really want to buff foundation into your skin. It does tend to hold a little too much product, and it definitely needs washing more regular than average if you use it with liquid or cream products. As a setting brush or even a large buffing brush for powder products, the slight point means it’s amazing at really distributing and blending products.


  • Angled eye kabuki brush
Obviously with a set of brushes, you’re not going to love every single one and for me, this is the slightly awkward brush. It’s a flatter but angled brush that I just find a little difficult to use on eye shadow. However, it would be fantastic on blemishes to help heavily cover them whilst blending lightly.
  • Eyeshadow brush
This brush is brilliant for packing on colour to blend out with the Blending brush, or to even pack on that colour on your bottom lashes. The angle of the brush means that you can get underneath your bottom lashes without coating them in eye shadow (but don’t worry about that as it sometimes helps if you’re about to put mascara on actually, as it makes them thicker and longer).
  • Angled liner brush
Doesn’t a genius to guess that I obviously use this on my eyebrows. Give me an angled brush and it’ll always go straight into my pot of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. The brush is a little thicker than I would have liked, but it’s great for creating a slightly softer brown which isn’t as harsh.
  • Small domed crease blending brush
I didn’t think I would love this brush as much as I do, it’s slightly taller than most blending brushes I use but it’s actually perfect to add that last pop of darkness onto a smokey eye. It can blend really well and especially in a smaller place such as the crease, without dragging the product around too much.
  • Precision eyeliner brush              
I’ve already got this brush and it’s the eyeliner brush that I use on everyone who’s makeup that I do. It latches onto the product perfectly and creates the most fantastic lines. I’ve never been so impressed with a brush and I’m incredibly happy to have a spare to use on clients.
I’m incredibly excited to be hosting this giveaway, but unfortunately I’m covering costs myself for postage which means that it will be UK only!
The giveaway will last for 3 weeks meaning you will have your brushes in time for Christmas! Be sure to share some love with Furless!

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