A Fun Weekend in London with Evans and Cats!

We had a super busy week a couple of weeks ago which unfortunately with chronic pains means I only just feel like I’ve recovered. Seriously not fun BUT the week was definitely worth it. We headed off to York for 4 days which you can read about HERE and then came back for a day to unpack and repack for a night in London. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to London every other day and other times I don’t get to go down for weeks, maybe a month at a time so I have to fit as much in as possible. Which obviously always includes making time for one of my favourites, Hayley. We planned to spend the entire Friday together whilst Alfie was at a Beer Festival but a quiet day in London wasn’t exactly what we got…. Instead, Hayley, Alfie and I ended up having a slightly boozy lunch with one of my all time favourite skincare brands, Merumaya. I met the owner, Maleka, back when I was a very small, newbie blogger as Merumaya was coming to John Lewis and Maleka was in town to train the staff and wanted to meet some Sheffield bloggers. I instantly loved her, the passion she had for her brand, the story behind it and obviously the products. Her Melting Balm Cleanser is quite possibly one of the only cleansers I’ve been sent as a PR sample that I’ve then gone and spent my own money on as I couldn’t be without it. We hadn’t seen each other since that first meeting but we’ve always tweeted and I often review new releases so it was amazing to be able to catch up and hear about all the exciting things coming up for Merumaya! Alfie’s already hooked and testing out a little range of the products now, so I’m hoping that Hayley has also fallen under the spell of Merumaya’s magical products.

Evans Marble Arch, Georgina Grogan, Hayley stewart

Time absolutely flew by and soon we were rushing for a taxi as Evans wanted to meet me after reading my post on the Fit & Quality of UK Plus Size Brands. If you’ve read it, you’ll be thinking what I was thinking, ‘why do they want to take me out for food and give me clothes when they didn’t exactly come out in a good light?’ – well it turns out that Evans was already working on the fit of their clothes, increasing their number of fit models in different sizes and making smaller sizes (14-22) more fitted in the places that used to come up too baggy or unshapely, so they were really happy to have more feedback and impressed with the effort I went to making the post, they new team are mega babes too.

I didn’t realise that the new fit items are only in sizes 14-22 as the clothes we tried out were available in all sizes but Evans has cleared this up as the bigger sizes (24-32) don’t have many complaints on the fitting and customers seem happy already with them. I mean that makes sense, but I can see why people were angered of being left out and that’s certainly not what Evans were doing they’re just simply actually listening to ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ Which makes a change for companies *cough* Instagram *cough*

ANYWAY, so Evans were like ‘we loved your post, let’s do lunch and shop!’ which is so refreshing from brands, usually you say one slightly negative thing about them and they spit their dummy out and take you off their mailing lists. We went to Lobster & Steak and I got to attempt my first lobster whilst the ladies and Hayley told me what to do to get to the good stuff. It was an experience! We were put in a private dining room which made us all laugh as it was rather formal, but when you’re talking fashion, makeup and lobster it’s all good. We then headed off round the corner to Evans Marble Arch, the flagship store. Hayley and I visited just before Christmas when Evans let us go in and pick out our favourite items at the time which you can read HERE and we had an amazing time. This trip was no different, it was so exciting seeing the new range of ‘new fit’ clothes, monochrome heaven. I tried on a few, including one that I was a little unsure of but I ended up loving it.

Evans Marble Arch, Georgina Grogan, Hayley stewart Evans Marble Arch, Georgina Grogan, Hayley stewart Evans Marble Arch, Georgina Grogan, Hayley stewart Evans Marble Arch, Georgina Grogan, Hayley stewart

You can read Evan’s blog post HERE on our day and HERE for about the new fit, but basically it’s all about making the clothes have a new and improved fit on sizes 14-22 but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to change sizes or have an awkward fit. It simply means that they’ve made the hems higher, a mole tapered fit on the arms and more definition around the bust. Hayley and I both absolutely adored the new fit.

Outfits above:
Purple Pleat Front Maxi Dress at £40
I LOVE this, as soon as I put it on I was instantly sold. It’s such a beautiful style and fit, Hayley had to size down in hers to really get that perfect fit and we’re a great example to see how it’s next to midi on my 5’3 frame and on Hayley it’s more of a midi!

Striped Hourglass Fit Wrap Dress at £38.00
Now you’re not meant to have to size up, but I am very in-between sizes at the minute as with not moving much, I can’t really maintain my size 20 frame so I did have to grab a 22 just for comfort. I didn’t love this one enough to go for it, but I do love how it looks in general and the style of it!

White Printed Hourglass Fit Dress at £38.00
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS? I saw it in the entrance and I knew I was trying it on, I was too so intrigued by it as it’s not a style I’ve seen Evans ever do before. I thought it may hand more off the shoulders but I was so glad to see that I didn’t have to hide or adjust my bra straps. I love this one SO much. Perfect fit in a 20 too!

We had such a great time with Evans and I’m positive that the improved fit range will be a big hit!

After Evans it was time to head to our hotel and relax a little before Alfie and I headed off to watch Phantom of the Opera. Alfie’s only ever watched 3/4 of the film before whereas I know every single line and it’s basically my favourite play. Alfie ended up singing it in the shower later that night and now he’s a fan, we’re definitely going to try and get to the theatre more on our London trips, it’s just an incredible experience.

The second day we didn’t have anything planned apart from reviewing Yeah Burger at their latest establishment in Shoreditch, The Strongroom, so seen as we were in Shoreditch and I knew there was a cat cafe, there was only one way to spend our free time. We headed off to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, basically a cafe where you DO have to book (we were just VERY lucky) and you drink tea and can eat food whilst being surrounded by the cats that live there. It’s an absolutely brilliant and hilarious idea that’s taking off everywhere and I’m so happy that I’ve finally been to one. Lady Dinah’s has 9 cats and obviously there’s rules like don’t touch the cats whilst they’re sleeping and don’t annoy them, so I did try and keep my distance unless the cats came to us. Some people would get up and really try and make the most of their 1.5 hour visit at £6 per person, but we were just enjoying the atmosphere and watching the cats play so we didn’t go shove toys in their faces. I managed to snap a photo of all 9 cats and get a great video of one of the fluffiest cats playing with a lovely lady who works there. We were so happy that they happened to have a free space and I definitely want to go to every single cat cafe in the UK now, it’s a new goal.
A Fun Weekend in LondonA Fun Weekend in LondonA Fun Weekend in London
A Fun Weekend in London

Finally, Yeah Burger! They don’t actually own their own place, instead they go and take over the kitchens in quirky bars that they think suit their vibe and serve their food that way, so if you want to try them you need to know where to go by checking their Twitter and Facebook. Yeah Burger is definitely one of the best burger companies I’ve ever tried and they always pick the best places to set up, we spent a couple hours playing games and chilling on sofas after our burger before heading off the the cat cafe. I had a salad burger last time which was a work of art but this time I was hungry and ordered the Yeah Burger burger which was incredible.

So then we waiting in the station in the Champagne Bar as it was a rather long and expensive week and I just needed to sit. This post was longer than I thought but that’s what we got up to!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on Hayley’s blog for her post on the improved fit at Evans too!