Fruition Hair Demo Night – Sheffield

At the beginning of August, Fruition Hair Sheffield held their biggest event yet at Revolution De Cuba and it was definitely a night to remember and a night that made it into the papers! At first I was just helping with advertising and small plans for the event, as well as arranging for my colleagues at Lush Meadowhall to attend, but soon it turned into me working the event as well! This meant that I got the chance to brand myself properly as a Makeup Artist with my own table and advertising display of my work and business cards. This was an event for local Sheffield businesses to showcase what they have to offer, so there were a lot of different businesses there including the hosts themselves, Fruition Hair Sheffield who were demonstrating Beauty Works Hair Extension on celebrity guest, Lateysha Grace from The Valleys. Anna Roberts Clothing, who was showcasing her beautiful handmade designs with the help of her models. There was also a pretty handy changing room there so people could try things on discretely. Boudoir Shop were also there demonstrating HD Brows (which my friend Ruby had done at the last event), as well as The Relaxation Den who brought 2 full of massage tables and were pampering everyone all night. I was incredibly disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to go over. Lush Meadowhall brought lots of their products for people to look at and finally, myself!
Throughout the night I was offering makeovers to people so that they could see my work, this lead to me having a queue that didn’t stop all night long! It wasn’t the best with my new achy back (thank you, whiplash) however, I soldiered through as I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Below are a couple before and afters (I didn’t get chance to take photos of everyone that I made up). I will also be doing a full post on my makeup kit soon as I’m really happy with how I’ve built it in such a short space of time from the Blog Yorkshire event.

Keisha has been on my blog before where I gave her another makeover, but this time I got the brows exactly how I wanted them and we were incredibly happy with the outcome. I basically got to make her up however I wanted, so I opted for a flawless, slightly contoured face with a purple smokey eye and dark lip.
For Faye from Lace Louboutins and Leather I wanted to give her a striking red lip to match her new beautiful hair! This is the second time I’ve met Faye now and she is absolutely amazing, so friendly and funny with a pretty amazing blog!
I then got my hands on Sheffield’s Main HD Brow Trainer’s beautiful Mummy! I just hope I did her proud on the brows. We opted for just filling in the very light hairs that were already there as they framed her face perfectly. Envyderm’s Lip therapy, plumping lip gloss and Mascara were also used to help create this subtle look.
Kirstie from Short Lashes brought her friend along who wanted a slightly warmer complexion with a subtle brow and flawless skin. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that my new HD Powder isn’t one to carry around anymore so unfortunately no pictures with flash were acceptable.
The event was a huge success and had an amazing turnout from the general public to quite a few fellow beauty bloggers such as Faye, Kim, Kirstie, Amy and Lucy! (Pretty sure I’ve left someone out there?) It was amazing to see them all again, unfortunately I didn’t get to hang out or chat as much as I wanted but I know they all had a great time!
As you can see from the photos there was quite a lot going on….
The massages from Relaxation Den looked absolutely incredible and even my mum got a little tester of a beautiful head massage that she wouldn’t stop talking about afterwards! Relaxation Den have several salons around Sheffield adn they’re definitely a place to check out if you’re looking for a pamper. They had plently of knowledge to share and I didn’t see one person walk away who wasn’t completely in love with them!
I’ve seen Kerri’s work a couple times now and even experienced it myself when I had a BTX Hair Treatment but every time Kerri seems to excel herself. Kerri from Fruition Hair did an amazing job at Lateysha Grace’s hair and it looked absolutely incredible. With Beauty Works Hair Extensions being such high quality there was no doubt they’d look amazing, but in Kerri’s magical hands and after being styled, you would have to be an expert to spot that these beautiful had just been put in! At Fruition’s last event (which you can read here) Kerri Demonstrated Great Length Hair Extensions which were also pretty impressive, it’s even made me consider going a more sustainable colour just so I can have them!
Kim is basically the god of eyebrows and everyone walked away looking amazing and perfectly groomed. Boudoir Salon is located in Woodhouse Sheffield and they take care of pretty much everything. At the last event my friend Ruby and I were walked through the entire process of HD Brows and we were both surprised at how many steps it includes! I even picked up the HD Brow Palette and I’ve used it on pretty much everyone since. The pigments are truly amazing and help the eyebrows to look as natural as possible!
Lush Meadowhall took a pretty impressive collection of products so that people could smell and try everything out. A couple of bloggers and even my parent’s picked up some of their new Summer products!
Anna Roberts clothing also had live models showcasing what her designs look like in person. Anna Designs the clothes and makes them all herself, it’s a lengthy but rewarding process she said and everyone is always happy with the end result. I imagine it to be incredible having your dream dress made the exact way that you want it, I’d love to have one done someday! Anna is based in Sheffield and you can buy things, or request a quote of your dream dress from her Facebook page, Anna Roberts Clothing.
After the event had quietened down, Anthony from Fruition Hair grabbed us all some of these rather peculiar looking (and tasting) drinks whilst my parents, friends and fellow bloggers sat around drinking and enjoying the atmosphere.

If you’re a small business in Sheffield or know one, get in touch with Fruition Hair if you’d like to be part of the team for the next event, which is already planned for November! Keep an eye out for more from Fruition Hair and get involved by staying up to date on their Facebook Page. It was an absolute pleasure to work this event and we were all so proud when it made it into the Sheffield Star too!What do you think to events like these? Have you ever been to a demo night?