Fruition Hair and Nails Event – Sheffield

Last Monday Fruition Hair & Nails hosted a night at Sheffield’s D’Michaels, located on Ecclesall Road, to showcase the absolutely astonishing Great Lengths Hair Extensions. The event was also a place where local Sheffield businesses could come together and showcase their products and services. There was a lovely little variety of hair from Great Lengths, clothes from Couture Boutique Online and even HD Brows from Boudoir Beauty Salon! This alone was a fantastic reason to hold an event, but it was also in aid of raising money for the Children’s Hospital Charity.
The main part of the events was watching Kerri from Fruition Hair & Nails, who is mobile around Sheffield, apply 225 strands of 20” Great Length Hair Extensions to The Valley’s star, Nicole Morris. Which I can’t lie, has made me want longer hair. One thing that stood out most about Great Length Extensions is that they’re ethically sourced and is therefore completely real. Meaning you can bleach, dye, cut, curl, straighten and just about do everything with them. They’re also incredibly lightweight and the average person would have around 150 strands put in depending on the look they’re going for. Nicole wanted extremely thick hair, therefore she had nearly double, yet still, it felt lightweight and comfortable. The bonds on the extensions are tiny little strips of glue called Keratin Bonds which are the same PH balance as your real hair, making them virtually undetectable, which is fantastic in order to avoid those nasty extension disasters! The extensions can also be refused time and time again as they don’t end up like usual hair extensions where they can wear out over time. Kerri worked her magic and took Nicole Morris from a long bob, to gorgeous, long, multi-tonal locks. Kerri also offers a treatment called BTX Hair treatment, I’ve been fortunate to have been offered the treatment so stay tuned for a full review!

As well as Kerri’s impressive display, there was Kim from Boudoir Salon showcasing her amazing skills of perfect HD Brows. You all know how much I love my brows, but at the same time I love my dramatic Disney Villain/Drag Queen brows, so I was quick to throw my friend and fellow Lushie, Ruby, onto Kim’s dentist looking chair. Kim teaches HD Brows around Sheffield and after the Host of the event spoke so highly of her, I knew she would be amazing. Ruby was a little skeptical at first, but ever since I have known Ruby, despite her being one of the most beautiful people I know, she has always complained about her eyebrows. What a perfect example to show off HD Brows! You can read the full explanation of HD Brows on Boudoir Salon’s site, as it’s quite interesting just how much work goes into them. Don’t worry about the redness in the photos, it’s completely normal and it was due to makeup being removed, as well as Ruby was first timer for wax/threading!

After being measured up, Kim said that Ruby’s eyebrows were a little oval and needed straightening up. The difference has slimmed down Ruby’s face and gave her eyes a lot more definition. We also both received a little goodie bag from Kim with a HD Brow defining pencil that I couldn’t take my eyes off! You’ll probably see it in a few future posts.

Ruby said, ‘ I love my new HD brows, they have a much better shape which makes them easier and quicker to fill in! They are more defined and Kim did an amazing job of making my very uneven eyebrows look even and fierce!’
HD Brows are launching a new campaign soon for more natural eyebrows, maybe I’ll have to ditch my Dipdown?


The event was well organised and very intimate meaning you could easily get around, talk to people, and get to see the demonstrations. I’m really looking forward to having the BTX Treatment and any future events that Fruition Hair and Nails may have. It’s fantastic that they want to bring together Sheffield businesses, as being such a large city, it’s great being able to network at things like this.
You can find Fruition Hair and Nails on Facebook and Twitter.

Ruby and I both decided to wear black dresses to the events and jazz them up with accessories. I’m wearing my favourite dress at the minute from AX Curve, teamed with my lavish new Zatchel. Ruby is wearing a TopShop dress with her beautiful Tatty Devine necklace.

Ruby also had on an unusually beautiful pair of shoes called Abigail’s Party from Irregular Choice.

Have you been to any local events lately?


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    These events are great for local businesses in Sheffield. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

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