Friction Free Shaving – The World’s First Women’s Razor Membership Service Launches!

Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is the first ever company that delivers razors directly to your door, through the post on a monthly basis. Not only does this provide a cost-effective solution to razors, as we have all spent far TOO much on a razor before. It’s also a incredible convenient alternative to high street brands, and having to rush out at last minute when you need a fresh blade. During research for this brand they found out some rather shockingly results, personally I thought I was just mega lazy!

It turns out that women change their razor blade less often than men, by a whopping 60% and most people say it’s because of the cost. I can definitely agree with that, I always buy a full razor rather than buying just the blades and sometimes I’ve been known to spend up to £15. I know, silly!

However, it does make sense as more often than not my skin can become really irritated after shaving, 3 in 4 women experience this actually, and this could be because of the bacteria on older razors and blunter razors. Which is why Friction Free Shaving send out 4 fresh cartridges a month, meaning you could and should change it every single week. A crazy thought to me but I’m liking it so far! If you really want to be shocked, a terrifying 94% of women fail to change their blades weekly…. Why are we all doing this to ourselves when a subscription is as little as £3 a month? There’s no need to spend the average £10.99 on a refill pack.

Friction Free Shaving have a choice from 2, 3 or 5 blade models, with a further choice of white, neon pink, and rose gold metal handles. The packaging alone makes me say yes as it can simply be posted through the letter box and there’s no waste a all.

Friction Free Shaving

I’ve already seen tonnes of men’s subscription boxes but there has been nothing for women, and normally I’d argue that we can use any razors, but at these prices FFS is definitely not upping the price just because one is pink. There are really no flaws with the service, you’ll experience less irritation from clean blades, they’ll be delivered to your door, and it costs next to nothing! I’m definitely getting a subscription!

Learn more about FFS by visiting their Facebook page Friction Free Shaving.



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  • From £3 is a bargain!!
    I’m loving discovering new subscription boxes at the moment, who doesn’t love things like this landing on your desk?!
    Especially the little things you often forget to buy when doing your shop.

    Gillian  xx