Dead French Maid Halloween Look with Ann Summers!

I’m very excited to announce that this year two of my Halloween looks will in collaboration with…..Ann Summers! The first one is this Dead French Maid look that I had so much fun creating. I actually made my first Youtube Halloween Tutorial of the year showing you how to create this look from start to finish. I must point out that any unimpressed expressions were due to back pain from filming on a different chair and the fact that I was making things up as I went along. I ended up at a sort of vintage maid, which I later added a slit neck with wax and fake blood, just in case it was too ‘pretty’ and ‘safe’ for some.
Dead French Maid Halloween Look with Ann Summers!
  1. When using heavy bases or if you’re wanting a lot of makeup to be kind to your skin, remember to prep properly. Here, I have used Lush’s Vanishing Cream and Younique’s Glorious Primer. Unfortunately, I did leave it a little too long due to setting up, which is why my face may drag a little.
  2. Optional, but If you have any Cosmetic Contacts laying around, stick them in. I decided to add my Mesmereyez Grey Contacts as they make my eyes look so much bigger.
  3. First off you want to completely cover your face in white. Here, I used my favourite this Halloween, Illamasqua Rich Base in White and my Sigma F86.
  4. Even with a white face, it’s still good to highlight and cover slightly patchy skin. Illamasqua Skin Base Mixer in White is a fantastic highlight as it’s very pigmented. I blended it into my face using my fingers and a very cheap beauty blender from Amazon.
  5. Leaving that to set, move on to your contour. I’m using ‘Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette‘ from The Balm UK and the shade ‘Matt Abdul’ to contour with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. (For those interested, this is pretty much how I’d contour anyway, just not so heavy.)
  6. I forgot to show this completely, but then I used the Colour Sport Smokey Eyes and Perfect Brows kit to block fill in dramatic and arched eyebrows with my Nanshy Eyebrow Brush. You could use any black eyeshadow and a wet brush to create the same look, or even a black eyeliner.
  7. With the same colour as your contour, start to map out the crease of your eye.
  8. Do this repeatedly to build up the colour and blend it out every time. My favourite brushes for this are Nanshy, Smashbox and Real Techniques brushes.

  9. If your cheekbones aren’t quite killer enough, go in with a slightly darker colour, this time I was using ‘Matt Johnson’. Then take a white to highlight the eyes more.
  10. I then went in with a different palette from The Balm UK called Nude Tude and the colour Sexy, to add a little bit of a ghostly pink/red to the eye and buffed it out with my MUA Blending brush. Again, add a slightly redder colour and keep building it up until you have enough.
  11. Time for lips! Using my Jenna Kidd dark red lip pencil, I roughly drew on my lips and filled them in.
  12. For this look, a red lip is essential. I love the new Atomic Ruby Lipstick from Makeup Revolution but I did add a little Sleek Vixen on top.
  13. If you’re a slightly warmer complexion than me, you’ll probably need some white paint on your body. Here I’m using a cheap white face paint on my arm, I’m already quite pale so I really don’t need too much.
  14. Highlight your face further with the same white eyeshadow as before, this will also set the foundation.
  15. Add your favourite mascaras. Mine are definitely Max Factor False Lash Effect to get my eyelashes up before going in with Max Factor Masterpiece Max to really get them popping. I also added some really cheap false lashes that added nothing and aren’t worthy of a mention.
  16. This look definitely needs a dramatic Flick, here I am using The Balm UK’s Black Liquid Liner.
  17. Top up your eyes with anything they might need, for me, they definitely needed a little more ‘sexy’.
  18. To add extra drama, Benefit’s new ‘revolutionary’ eyeliner is actually pretty good at tight lining eyes, but that’s the only thing it’s good for.
  19. To make your eyes stand out that little bit more, go in with a white pencil. My favourite is Illamasqua’s pencil Elate before adding a smidgen of ‘Serious’ (black) to the corners of my eye.
  20. Finish off the look with a vintage hairstyle, or cheat it with your chosen wig. A massive thank you to Annabelle’s Wig for my new wig called DITA! It’s absolutely beautiful and finished off this look perfectly.
  21. Finally, add your costume. Here I am wearing the Ann Summer’s Mistress Maid Costumein a 22.


The dress is an absolutely lovely fit, I did size up, just as normally with fancy dress there’s not much give. I did find the underskirt to be a little tight, but I definitely wouldn’t need to size up again. It’s rather short, but after all, it is Ann Summer’s and that’s kinda the point. I can definitely see myself wearing this around the house for fun as it’s such a playful piece. If this tutorial was a little too ‘clean’ or ‘pretty’ for you, then grab yourself some Special FX Wax, I literally used the cheapest brand available just to practice and start warming it up on the back of your hand.
After it’s warmed up, apply it onto your neck and smooth out the edges (smooth them out a lot more than in the photo).


Next, create a line in the middle for the wound, you want to make sure that it gets thinner towards the edges.


I then added Illamasqua Precision Ink in Black to the centre of the wound before going crazy with Asda fake blood. I do realise it could be a lot better, but as a second attempt, I was rather impressed and it definitely made my Mum question her love for me, at least for a second or two.


Dead French Maid Halloween Look with Ann Summers, slit neck makeup,
So, what do you think to this look? What would you like to see for my next Halloween look, more gore or another ‘pretty’ look?Don’t forget to check out this year’s Halloween looks:
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