Freedom Makeup and Why I’m not a fan….

It’s taken me a VERY long time to write this, simply because, I love Makeup Revolution and I don’t want to upset them. I really mean that, they’re one of my favourite brands with for a number of reasons, affordable makeup, flipping amazing pigments and they’re constantly bringing out new and amazing things. However, when they launched their sister brand, Freedom Makeup Pro, I couldn’t help but just wonder why? You’ve got such a good thing going, why bring out such similar products in pretty much the same packaging, for around the same price, under a different name?

Freedom Makeup
So, before I start, it’s not AT ALL that the products are bad, it’s just I can’t buy into the fact that they’re basically the same formulations just rebranded. If makeup revolution was ever going to bring out a sister brand, I’d expect a luxury brand with even more impressive formulations, better packaging and then I’d spend more money on it without arguing. Even thought Makeup Revolution and now Freedom Makeup Pro do send me their latest releases, I still go out and restock myself. If I genuinely like something, I have to and I love a lot of their products.

Freedom Makeup
Freedom Makeup
Freedom Makeup


A dramatic title because I’m honestly not a fan, even though the products are pigmented, there’s nothing wrong with the packaging, the prices are on point compared to most brands, I just won’t buy into the whole gimmick with my own hard earned money. Maybe they’ll be that exclusive product that changes my mind and makes me overlook everything, but I’m still waiting. So, if you can personally get over that and spend your money regardless, shall we move onto the actually products?

The Pro Correcting Palette and Concealing Palette are basically a dupe of MACs, I can’t say if they’re as pigmented as I’ve honestly never tried them as I don’t need to correct my skin and I’m too pale for the concealers, but they are amazingly pigmented and super creamy. They blend so easily and I can’t say anything bad about them at all, especially not for £5. I mean, they’re not as deep as you might think, but a little goes a long way with products like these.

The lipsticks were shockingly impressive and super pigmented, you’ll definitely see these come into play around Halloween, especially at £1 each. The Pro Lip Melts are the same as those from Makeup Revolution, super pigmented but super sticky. Good for editorial stuff, or again, Halloween looks. I’ve had these for a while but I’ve never worn them out as they’re far too sticky to be comfortable for long periods of time.

Finally, the Bronzer and Contour Palette Fair are odd colours and rather orange/warm for pale skin, but for warmer skin tones I can imagine they work really well. I love using the contour palette on no makeup days when I just want a little cheekbone and the vanilla colour is a dream. It really highlights and is a fantastic formula which isn’t too powdery at all.


As I said, I do hope there’s that one product that changes my mind completely, and whenever I’ve not liked a product in the past, Makeup Revolution (well, the people behind it) have never stopped working with me and got the ‘face on’ like some companies do. So, we shall see. What do you think to Freedom Makeup?

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  • Roxie Ferguson

    I was also a little confused about this ‘sister’ brand. Then there’s the ‘I Heart Makeup’ range too, different counter in Superdrug but basically all the same products as Makeup Revolution. It’s a bit confusing. I wish Makeup Revolution would just stick to what they are already amazing at doing!

    Roxie x

  • The lipsticks do look so great but I agree it seems very pointless to open up a sister band when your products are essentially the same!

  • Oh that’s kinda weird then! I was expecting more luxury with a sister brand.

  • In all honesty I’m really glad someone finally came out and said this so kudos to you. Everything looked so familiar and most people were saying it was the same quality as MUR too – I really doubt there’s any difference between the Freedom and the MUR corrector palettes? It seems a bit odd and pointless. I will stil to Makeup Revolution I think xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • Amanda Kerr

    Great information! Glad I read this post. Check out my beauty Blog xoxo

  • Meggan

    I would definitely expect more “luxury” if they were going to make the effort to make a sister brand. I love Makeup Revolution but, whenever a brand does something like that it almost seems a bit sneaky? I don’t know! Maybe that’s just me! Great post, as always xx


  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I started to see these products. I don’t understand it really. I love Make-Up Revolution products and these look to be good too but why distribute pretty much the exact same products.

  • Rue Roxanne

    I thought the exact same thing – why make a new brand when all the products are literally the same? I think I’ll stick to Makeup Revolution.

  • Claire Cavanagh

    I have to agree with you. I placed a Freedom order out of curiosity but they’re so similar to the MR stuff in my collection that I just find it all a bit odd. I’ve bought the Corrector Palette and do like it, but the fact there’s almost one exactly the same from MR (though I think the pans are round in that one, ooh the variants) makes me feel almost a bit suspicious of them?

    Claire | | xx

  • I don’t know if I’ve had my head in the sand but I’ve totally missed this, it seems like a strange thing to do. I know they were bringing out a skincare range but tis seems odd. The website and packaging are almost identical….

  • I feel exactly the same way, I had a look at the Freedom website when they launched but I just thought all the products looked the same! I would really like to see a luxury sister brand from them though, that could be interesting x

  • I was totally the same in my review! I just didn’t see the point of them. Why didn’t MUR just add more stock? Plus, you can get MUR in store and I hate ordering makeup online. Just seemed pointless and I much prefer MUR out of the two. // xo

  • Laura Hadley

    I did find it odd that they brought out Freedom too since MR are doing fab already. I work with MR and buy extras too, their stuff is great. Haven’t bought anything from Freedom as I prefer to see makeup in store but if it’s like MR I’d just stick with them!

    Laura x |

  • Indra

    I agree with you, I just don’t ‘get it’. When I first saw Freedom stuff on Instagram etc, I assumed that it was maybe a sister brand so they can launch in another country or higher end stuff. I’ve not tried anything yet, but this post confirmed my suspicions that it’s all much of the same stuff. Maybe they will do different things with the different brands in future and they’re just trying to get a foothold atm? *shrugs*

    Alice in Beautyland