Full Coverage Foundations for Pale and Oily Skin | My Favourite Foundations!

Full Coverage Foundations
It’s Favourites week on She Might Be Loved and it’s kicking off with my favourite bases! There’s only so many times I can profess my love and tweet about these foundations before I had to write a post about them all. I have extremely pale, problematic skin, but one of the things I suffer with the most is oily skin. Therefore, through extensive research and many pounds wasted, I have finally narrowed down my favourite full coverage foundations for pale and oily skin. Of course, not everyone will agree, and there’s even one that shouldn’t work with my skin. This is just my personal preference of foundations that I literally cannot stop repurchasing as I have to have them on hand. As you can see it’s a nice mix between high end and budget products because my purse doesn’t fill itself.
Full Coverage Foundations for Pale and Oily Skin
Normally, I hate ordering my preference on products, but let’s have a countdown…..
5th – Estée Lauder Double Wear SPF10, £28.50
This little beauty compared to MAC studio fix is a post that is constantly driving traffic to my blog, so it was only right for me to fall in love with its incredible staying power. It’s one of the foundations that is truly my colour, the shade Shell is so porcelain on the skin that it’s perfection in a bottle. It’s a very heavy coverage, however, it’s not a foundation where touch ups, mistakes, or exercising your facial muscles is recommend. It’s a very thick liquid, that’s incredibly drying and sets almost immediately. Meaning it is definitely a foundation for when you know you haven’t got time for touch ups. My top tip for this foundation would be to apply it after you’ve applied everything else to your face, eyes and lips. One little mistake and you could take to take it off and start again.
4th – Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Fair, £9.99
My favourite foundation for my younger teenage years, well after I got out of the Rimmel caked-on-orange-face. 100 Fair is the lightest colour of the range and it’s very pale indeed, but with a hint of a pinker undertone making it warm the skin a little, as opposed to washing the skin out. Max Factor’s Lasting Performance is lovely to buff into the skin as only a small amount is needed for amazing full coverage, and it can be built up really easily. It’s not drying on the skin either, which means it might not be the best for severely oily skin, but it can be fixed easily, so it balances out.
Full Coverage Foundations for Pale and Oily Skin
Coming in at 3rd place it’s…
Illamasqua Skin Base 3.5, £32
As much as I love Illamasqua, Skin Base is unfortunately a little too moisturising for my skin, although it’s nothing that extra buffing, a good primer and powder can’t fix. I have the colour 3.5, which was a poor colour match I must admit as I could do with a couple shades lighter. However, Skin Base is one of the most fabulous foundations for buffing and wearing very lightly, but it can also be layered up to perfection. It’s my go to foundation for days where I don’t want to put a lot on, but I still want my temperamental skin to be covered. You can clearly see from the swatches above that it’s a much warmer, yellow toned colour compared to the rest.

Foundations for Pale, Oily Skin.

2nd – Revlon Colour-stay Ivory (Combination/Oily skin) SPF15, £12/49


An absolutely amazing formula which is lightweight but a full coverage, and it doesn’t add extra moisture to my oily skin. It’s my go to foundation for working days where I know I’ll be on a short enough shift not to need to touch up, which is easily done, or where I will have chance to make alterations if I want to. It’s perfect for people who normally like to add a little more on top throughout the day, or if you were going out at night straight from work. The colour range is also fantastic as this is pretty much the exact shade of MAC’s NW10, making it one of the palest foundations I’ve ever used, other than a white obviously.
Finally, when you say ‘foundation’, I say ‘MAC’.
MAC Studio Fix NW10, £21.50
As most makeup lovers, I know and believe that 99.9% of the time, MAC is best. Studio Fix has been my favourite foundation for years now, but I’ve been wearing the wrong colour for most of those years too. Originally I was matched up to an NC15 which is a lot more yellower and darker. NW10 it’s absolute perfection for creating that flawless porcelain base. It can be worn sparingly or layered up on a night out where you want your face to look flawless. I recommend it to anyone and everyone, it’s especially great for oily skin as it provides hours of complete, untouched coverage. However, whenever you do want to add another layer, buff your skin, or alter something, the formula allows you the ease of achieving whatever you like.
What are your favourite foundations?