Sheffield’s First Frozen Yoghurt Shop, Flurt, Now on Ecclesall Road Too!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the opening of Flurt’s new Pop Up Shop on Ecclesall Road, who can also be located at their main residence in the City Centre, is the first frozen yoghurt shop in Sheffield! I was rather excited as I knew a few other Sheffield Based Bloggers would be going and I do love to meet new people. I headed to the event with my friend Ryan to be driving up and down Ecclesall Road for quite some time until we found it, it’s actually located right up near the top, much further than I had ventured before. On arrival we were offered pretty glasses of Champagne and invited into the small but friendly atmosphere. We were also offered our first (I’ll say first as I did have a few, for testing purposes of course) frozen Yoghurt. I haven’t really tried frozen yoghurt before as If I’m honest, I thought it was just basic ice cream. However, after being educated in the world of Flurt I found out that it is so much more. Flurt is basically ice cream but without all the fat! It’s available in all different flavours which are completely fat-free, including strawberry, watermelon, peanut butter, and chocolate. As well as being delicious there are also a range of health benefits about frozen yogurt such as helping with digestion, high in calcium, fibre and they’re vegetarian friendly! As if that wasn’t enough they’re gluten free and made from completely natural ingredients.
It’s hard enough to find healthy food whilst shopping around but now it’s becoming easier than ever, and most importantly guilt free. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a delicious treat on a Summer’s day that you don’t have to regret later on. With it being a pop up shop it means that there might not be every single topping, but according to the website there will be a selection of


‘Oreo, shortbread, toffee crumble, kiwi, popping juice bubbles, Bounty, chocolate raisins, yoghurt raisins, popping candy, meringue, Minstrels, mango, granola, Percy Pigs, strawberries, Tregroes toffee waffles, summer fruits, pink wafer, seeds and berries, honey nuts, mini-marshmallows, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles and a selection of sauces.’


An absolutely crazy selection that allowed me to find a new obsession, melon balls. Not only do they look pretty amazing but they taste so unusual and addictive too! Ryan had Oreo which tasted amazing also.
Flurt can either be located at its Pop Up Shop on Ecclesall Road or near the top of the Peace Gardens in Sheffield City Centre and it is definitely a place to try out. Whether you’re from Sheffield or just visiting, try and get to Flurt! If you’d like anymore information or to ask Flurt any questions, check out their Facebook page and Twitter.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Kim from Kim’s Beauty Drawer, Laura from Chicky Wiggle and I finally got to talk to Francis from TLB Blog properly!
Will you be trying Flurt?
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