The First Cineworld VIP Experience, Exclusive to Sheffield!

The First Cineworld VIP Experience, Exclusive to Sheffield has officially launched and I cannot recommend it enough. Alfie and I were lucky enough to cover the opening night and after already seeing a couple sneak peeks on Facebook thanks to others that have been already (as it has been opened since December), I was literally buzzing with excitement, and that’s not a phrase I’d usually use. The VIP Experience at Cineworld Sheffield is the very first of its kind and it completely puts cinemas on a whole new level. They’ve really combined every angle from the VIP experience and being in the comfort of your own home. The exclusivity of going off into a special room, having your own VIP lounge is exciting enough, but in this lounge is where the real magic happens. Cineworld wanted to create the ultimate VIP experience where the moment you walk through, staff are welcoming you with prosecco and as you enter the luxurious VIP Lounge with private bar, and private lift to VIP toilets, you notice the gourmet buffet and huge array of cinema snacks.

Cineworld Sheffield’s VIP experience has two different screening rooms, and the private lounge can accommodate both of them full with 80 guests. The lounge opens around an hour before your film starts so that there is plenty of time to fill up at the buffet and scout out what snacks you’d like. The buffet is prepared by a local chef and there’s also unlimited soft drinks, you do receive one free glass of prosecco as you walk in, but then there is a bar where you can pay for more alcoholic drinks if you’d like. The two intimate screens have really been well thought out, there is so much room that even whilst reclining back in the huge lazy boy style seats, people can still get past. The electric controlled seats really mean that you can fully relax and be in the highest level of comfort, I only wish I took a blanket! Having my back problems meant that I was concerned with sitting through the 2.5 hour long screening of The Revenant but as soon as I felt a little ache, I’d move, simple, easy, convenient and to my absolute surprise, a pain-free experience. Something which I have rarely had since my back pain started and it has put me off going to the cinema in the past, now I know I can relax like everyone else.

The First Cineworld VIP Experience, Exclusive to Sheffield!

The First Cineworld VIP Experience, Exclusive to Sheffield!

Why Cineworld Sheffield you might ask? Well, again to my surprise, Cineworld Sheffield is actually the busiest Cineworld cinema in the UK! Which means Sheffield gets to have all the fun things, like IMAX, 4DX and now, the VIP Experience. I’m not complaining. In fact, Alfie and I are considering getting Unlimited Cards and having a weekly date night. Working at home means we often just stick a film on in the background and never really enjoy it, but we’re such film fans that this would be perfect for us. Plus, at just under £20 for the month, it means you’d only have to go twice to have made it worth your money! I actually saw a tweet about being an Unlimited card holder means that you get a discount from the VIP Experience, but I haven’t had this confirmed so don’t hold me to it!

I didn’t realise just how big of an event this really was, so I decided to play the casual but glam card in a sparkly dress from House of Fraser, I’m wearing a size 20 and it’s currently £28. It’s quite a loose-fitting dress, which I had to alter and pin as it’s really too low and shows off too much bra. I’d definitely recommend sizing down with this one, as there’s a lot of material. I wish I had dressed up a little more, but attendees actually included newlyweds, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan and they came rather casual too! My Mum was beyond jealous that I took Alfie rather than her, but I wasn’t to know! They sat a couple of rows behind us and had plenty of snacks to go around, I’m actually jealous as I was that into the film, I forgot how much I wanted a hotdog and ice cream.

The First Cineworld VIP Experience, Exclusive to Sheffield!

So I know you’re all dying to know how much it is….Well, the film, buffet, and unlimited snacks will cost just £29 per person! Crazy, isn’t it? We’ve all been for a meal before the cinema and then cinema snacks? Yeah, you can really see how you’re really getting so much for your money. I know I’ll definitely be going back, but this time I’ll definitely take Mum and Dad with us!

Oh and if you’re wondering about The Revenant? It’s honestly the best film I have ever seen. The amount of creativeness behind the film is unreal and being able to watch it in such a luxurious way really made the film even more enjoyable. I thought the film might drag in places with the length, but it’s just so tense, there’s so much going off and the breathtaking views of the setting made it fly by. I already want to watch it again!




*We were invited along but all opinions are my own, photos are by David Wood from Cineworld*


  • I’ve seen so much about this and it sounds absolutely amazing, I just wouldn’t know what to use it on! I think if you’re paying £30 each you want to pick a film you really want to see. I think it sounds like a great date night idea and I might consider it for mine and my boyfriends valentines night 🙂

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  • This sounds great! Definitely get a lot for your money, and I love your dress! xx