Finding the Perfect Bra with Panache

Anyone with boobs, knows the constant struggle of boobs. Life is never simple when you have them, whether they’re big, small, different sizes, or perfectly symmetrical, they always cause problems when it comes to buying bras. Simply because, they’re all different. With different designs, it means that you may need a different size to achieve that perfect fit and you can’t guess that. It takes work to find the perfect bra, and then even more work to maintain it, which is why this post contains 3 bras from Panache instead of one.
Originally, I picked out the Panache Loren Balconette Bra to review in a 38G, as usually when I’ve tried out a Panache bra, they’ve all been a soft, non-padded cup which my boobs definitely do not suit at all. They need a little more support and structure, which is why when I saw this one, it was perfect. It looks to be around the £40 mark from what I can find online, as they’re many stockists so it’s worth shopping around. In a 38G, the fit at first was spot on, it was perfect absolutely everywhere and made my chest look amazing. A couple weeks in and it had lost it shape awfully fast. The bra no longer sat right, the elastic wasn’t as strong in the back and the cups were now not so supportive. It’s one of the best fitting bras I’ve ever had, but I imagine I might need a 36 back and GG cup, which they don’t make in this style, to achieve the ‘perfect bra’.
This ranges in sizes 28D – 38G.
Panache Loren Balconette Bra, plus size blogger
Panache Loren Balconette Bra, plus size blogger
After the first bra loosing it’s, what I thought ‘perfect fit, we headed off into the territory of the Panache Porcelain Grace, despite my hate of pink. With the same size of a 38G as that’s what I am everywhere else and it seems to be the best fit for me. The Grace is a lot different to the Loren and when I first tried this on, I laughed my tits off. Simply because, it makes my boobs look super seperated, and beyond round from an aerial view. Before I actually popped a dress over the top, I really didn’t think I’d ever wear this bra as it was a whole new form of bra for me, I’ve never had my boobs look so unrealistically round, but it appears, it was honestly just my view from up top. For everyone else, and in dresses, it gives my boobs a really lovely shape and great support. Unfortunately, it’s not the perfect fit for me either as I do have a little room underneath my boobs where the cups don’t sit quite right.


This ranges in sizes 28D – 38G.
Panache Porcelain Grace, plus size blogger


Panache Porcelain Grace, plus size blogger


As a last resort to sort my chest out, Panache sent along the Moulded Black Shirt Bra (again in a 38G) that I thought would work…..You may have thought with the bras not fitting so far, that I had found the one for me, right? Wrong. The boobs and I are apparently not ready to settle for the perfect bra just yet, as this bra actually makes my boobs look an awful lot smaller. Emphasise on the awful as I absolutely LOVE my boobs. It squashes them in a comfortable way to make it appears as if I have no cleavage and much smaller boobs. I mean, around the house, it’s lovely, a great fit and I can barely feel it on. But I have boobs, and I like to show them, hence whacking them out for this post without hesitation, so I don’t see me and this bra going any further.


This ranges in sizes 28DD – 38G.


panache moulded black bra, plus size blogger
Surely not everyone finds it this difficult to get the ‘perfect bra’? I know tonnes of people who love Panache bras and look amazing in them, so why don’t I? I’ll carry on with my search and report back at a later date….
Through this post I am also wearing my favourite brand of shapewear, Maidenform and their Maidenform Sleek Stripes High Waist Brief from House of Fraser. I absolutely love Maidenform as they’re super structured and tight to ensure your shape is kept smoothed over. They’re a little prettier than the norm as they have sheer panels round the top of the thighs and on your bum which gives them a really stylish edge. I hate putting on shapewear in front of Alfie as it’s not a fun sight, but as soon as I’m in these, it’s perfect! I have these in a XXL which converts over to around a 20/22 and they’re of course, a tight fit as that’s what you want. They’re now reduced from £29 to £23.20 as well!


This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • I’m a bit unsure about my Panache bra, I got resized and it seems a little big on the top but I think it might just be because I’m not used to soft cups.

  • I haven’t tried this range before but I’ve always struggled to find the best one, I’m between a 34E/F depending on obviously how my boobs decide to feel that day.. I do have one M&S sportsbra tho and its soo nice compared to my normal ones haha x

  • I love these but i can never find companies that do my size for the same price as these, basically not breaking the budget. I am a 46G.

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    oi oi! Hello beautiful! You look stunning. I’ve heard so many great things about Panache, but I can’t buy from them because I’m a 42 in the back. Wah!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I feel your pain, it drives me insane trying to find a nice bra because I’ve got more than my fair share of boobs x

  • Jo Carter

    Thank you for writing this brilliant blog, you look fab! I am a 36F/16-18 and a fullsome description of what clothes look like on a real woman’s figure is sublime xxx

  • George

    You are awesomee !! u look amazing !

  • Paul

    You are absolutely stunning and wish you were my wife. xxxxx