Festival Hair and Makeup & I’m on House Of Fraser’s Blog!

I like to hop on the bandwagon of themed posts after the initial first wave has calmed, hence my lateness to the Festival posts. However, I have got a little announcement plus a make-up look for you all, so I’m assuming I will be forgiven. I’ve never personally been to a festival before, as I don’t think Glamping could even be what I would need, but I’ve heard enough (horror) stories to know how they are. One thing that everyone seems to worry about at Festivals in their hair. This month you may find these photos of myself on House of Fraser’s Blog promoting their late competition, which you can find here. For the example I created my favourite festival hairstyles, and more importantly, ones that are achievable where washing your hair isn’t an option. I started off on the ‘first day’ with GHD curled hair, the second day I would put it up in a ponytail and dry shampoo the roots. The third day my ends would be a little too dry so I’d hide them in a bun, before finally strapping all my hair back with lots of dry shampoo.

Festival Hair and Makeup, house of fraser, she might be loved, georgina grogan

For my festival makeup I would play it pretty simple with some flower patterns down the side of my face. I also opted for bright eyes and gemstones, but I do like to be over the top.
To create this look I used:
Illamasqua SkinBase 3.5 with Rich Base white to lighten.
Collection Concealer.
Collection Powder.
Anastasia Brow Pomade.
MUA Brown mascara.
Illamasqua White Precision Ink Scribe.
MAC Blusher in Frankly Scarlett.
Beauty UK Palette.
Elegant Touch Nail Art stickers for gem stones.
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish to contour.
Max Factor Blush in Natural Glow
Envyderm Mascara
Envyderm Eyeliner
Lush’s Confident Lipstick
Festival Hair and Makeup, house of fraser, she might be loved, georgina groganDespite having fun creating this look, it still hasn’t made me anymore enthusiastic about attending a Festival, but I hope you all enjoy yourselves and have a good time!