Female Hades Halloween Look with Makeup Revolution

Hercules is definitely one of, if not, my favourite Disney Film of all time, so you can imagine how excited I’ve been to finally bring this look tonight. My female version of Hades, or Goddess of The Underworld is hands down a look that I would love to wear each and every day and I thought that after my Ursula, and Evil Queen I needed to do another Disney Villain. However, after filming this look twice for Makeup Revolution, it appears that technology and me are having a little fall out lately. Which means the video lacks audio, even armature editing and is rather brief. Looking at the photo and if you can take the pieces apart, there isn’t too much to the look. It’s all about creating that striking bold eye and ombre lip (which I absolutely hate my uneven lips so I didn’t have the most fun). Makeup Revolution very kindly supplied everything I would need to create this look, as one of my favourite companies, ever, it’s by far my favourite Halloween Collaboration this year. Annabelle’s Wig also kindly supplied this beautiful Morgan wig for me, which really completed the look perfectly.
  1. Apply your favourite moisturiser before priming your face with Ultra Face Base Primer.
  2. Mix The One Foundation in white with white eyeshadow from the Redemption Palette to create a thick base and pat onto the skin with a beauty blender.
  3. Using Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin draw on block eyebrows with a defined arch, go back around them with the white foundation to clean up and perfect them.
  4. Using the Redemption Palette start to build up the blues, purples and pinks. This requires building colour, blending it down and repeating a lot.
  5. Using a black Liquid Liner, draw on your cat like eyeliner to elongate your eyes. Don’t forget to add in the point in the inner eye.
  6. Using the Awesome Eyeliner Felt and Kohl, go back over anything and smoke the bottom waterline out using a blue and black eyeshadow.
  7. Mixing the grey from the Redemption Palette and Aqua Seal, create a light contour before using the eyeshadow dry and blending lightly. This wants to be quite a strong contour and not look perfectly blended out.
  8. For the lips start with applying Immoral all over before adding Aqua Seal with a dark blue shadow and lining the lips.
  9. After blending that together, add the black and Aqua Seal from the Give Them Nightmares Palette to define the lips further.
  10. Finish off the eyes with eyelashes, more eyeliner to blend the lashes, and a couple coats of Awesome Lash mascara.
  11. Add a Morgan Wig from Annabelle’s Wigs to finish off the look perfectly.
A black Grecian styled dress would obviously go a lot better with this look, but I only had a dark purple one and I still loved how it looked in the end.
  • This is definitely my favourite look. I love Hades and I think I want to look like this everyday now

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

  • Sarah

    Wow this make up look is fab!