February Favourites

Although I promised to do one of these every month for 2014, subconsciously I also promised to never post these at the same time as everyone else. Even though I knew it was coming, and that I was doing it, I’m still a week late. I doubt the ‘the Queen is never late, everyone else is simply early’ excuse will work here, but that’s my excuse. This month I’ve been obsessing over skincare, mainly with old favourites like Ultrabland and Mask of Magnanimity but On with the products!

sleek blush palette, benefit porefessional, max factors false lash effect, gorgeous moisturiser lush, lush perspective, priori lash serum


Priori Lash Recovery Serum*
I’ve been absolutely astonished by my eyelashes this month, they’re longer and thicker than ever thanks to Priori’s Lash Serum, it’s worked wonders on restoring my eyelashes to their former glory. You can read all about it in my previous post.

priori lash recovery serum

Max Factor’s False Lash Fusion Mascara
Seen as I have my normal lashes back to normal and getting ready is a joy again rather than task, I have absolutely been loving Max Factor’s False Lash Fusion (£11.95). As their new mascara (Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara) turned out to be a massive let down, I have returned to using an old favourite and falling back in love with it again.

Lush’s Perspective
Lush’s makeup range still is raved about enough for my liking, with absolutely fantastic pigments and a ridiculous amount of product it makes me wonder what you’re all doing!? Perspective is a nude pinky colour that glides on, moisturising the lips and is perfect for daytime. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day for work now, it’s the perfect ‘no makeup’ lipstick which can be built up if you wanted it to stand out more. Lush’s Emotional Brilliance range (link takes you to a past post all about it) can be used as anything, Perspective also makes an amazing blush colour. At £14.50 it seems expensive but compared to the average 3g of lipstick you pay the same or even higher for, Lush’s lipsticks/makeup range is 5g.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Perspective. Blended.

Benefit’s Porefessional
Something that blogging alone got me into from everyone raving about it, and with good reason as well. Since purchasing a couple months ago I seem to only have been using it on special occasions whereas last month, it was an everyday necessity. Since being ill constantly over Christmas my skin went into absolute turmoil and since then I’ve been working around the clock to get in back in line. Porefessional has been keeping my oiliness at bay and perfecting my base for the day. I wouldn’t even blink at the £21.50 price tag when I go to pick up another, it’s definitely worth it.

Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser
Did somebody say skincare? Yes, I did. As part of my defence against my ever changing skin, I finally talked myself into buying Gorgeous from Lush. It took a little doing as it’s their most expensive facial moisturiser at £39.50 but after using it for a couple weeks now, I completely 110% know why. It’s amazing. After trying a little sample out (which I recommend asking for before buying) last year I found that Gorgeous didn’t sit well with my makeup, however as the skin changes I’ve found it’s exactly what I need right now.

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light
I did originally want the contour palette but that was unfortunately sold out at the time and I couldn’t wait. Sleek and I didn’t get off to the best of starts as I seem to have bought the only product of theirs that people don’t rave about, the eyeshadow primer palette. To cut a long story short, I found it pointless and it put me off. But seen as I don’t have cheekbones yet I adore them, I need more contouring powders in my life. This one is a little darker than I wanted, but it just means I need even less product. With a gorgeous shimmering highlighter, and a surprisingly shimmery blusher, I’m incredibly pleased with it and it’s only £9.99!

Sleek face form palette swatches

So even though my post is ridiculously late, please do feel free to leave links to your own favourites and let me know if you’ve tried any of mine.